Monday, February 1, 2010

The Girl's Got Moves!

I made sure that when I left school tonight I didn't bring any work home with me so that I could have an entire evening dedicated to me and baby girl. Now that we're getting closer to "go time," I'm starting to lay off the work and take it easy as much as possible, for fear of going into labor too early. And for me, "too early" means one minute before my due date! If it were up to me, I'd just stay pregnant forever because I love it and I know she's safe and sound in there, so really, why mess with success? In fact, I wouldn't even mind giving up cupcakes forever if it meant I knew that she'd always be happy and healthy and nothing could ever, ever hurt or upset her. That would be soooo worth it!

Anyway, I'm so glad I didn't lug home all that work that's been piling on my desk because tonight I did all kinds of relaxing baby-related things. First the little girl and I did some yoga. I love my new yoga video - not too hard and not too wussy either. Lots of squats and strength poses. Really good stuff! Then we ate dinner and read a book on the couch for a while. Next, we took a bath, which turned out to be the greatest bath of all time. Usually I read in the tub, but tonight I just laid there and stared at my belly. This was the first time I actually watched her move! It was incredible! My belly would bulge and distort like there was an alien inside! She's definitely hanging out on the right side, but every once in a while she'd kick over on the left and it would balloon out to the side then twitch back. After a while she was really getting rowdy and I just sat there and laughed. It was almost too weird to watch, but I couldn't stop! I kept thinking There's a tiny person inside of me...and she's MOVING! Amazing.

I also kept thinking This is fun and all, but I can't wait to see her face (and her toes...and her knees...), I bet she looks like her daddy! I guess I don't want to be pregnant forever. Having a kid around sounds like a lot more fun!

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