Monday, September 29, 2008

They Did it Again!

Okay, so we're super busy moving into a house and out of an apartment, but we did have time to watch this clip before bed last night. I LOVE it, and I promise to write more about our big move when it's all over, which I hope will be soon.

Tina Fey is the perfect Sara Palin. My favorite line: "We're gonna promote freedom, usher in democratic values and ideals, and fight those terror-lovin' terrorists."

If you want to see a clip from the original Palin/Couric interview, go here. Although, it might make you want to cry when you hear it, so if you're enjoying that "ha ha, Tina Fey's so funny" feeling, then you might not want to ruin it with real politics.

Monday, September 15, 2008


If you missed this on SNL....WATCH IT NOW!! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are my heroes. My favorite line - "Please, ask this one about dinosaurs." I didn't even notice until the third time I watched it that Poehler is ridiculously prego! Doesn't matter - she's still crazy funny. Enjoy!

our sTREEt

There was quite a wind storm yesterday, and 90% of Louisville was left without power. We were fortunate enough to have electricity, although we did lose our cable and internet service for 24 hours. If you ask me, you might as well have taken our electricity too, because 24 hours without cable or internet left us with no connection to the world other than AM radio. We were totally cut off and it was not fun. But we're back on board today and we had plenty of time to start packing up the apartment because we were OFF SCHOOL!! And we're off tomorrow, too! Here are some pictures of our street yesterday - trees everywhere, power lines down, such a mess!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Babies on the Brain!

(Two posts in one day? What's going on?)

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it. I can't stop thinking about babies! I'm obsessed with the Swistle Baby Name blog (thanks, Meredith) and now that we have a house in the near future, the next looming question is....when will we have our own little pooper?? Here are my current dilemmas:

1. I want our baby to be born at the end of the school year (late April or early May) so that my maternity leave will back up to a summer so I have at least three months home with the precious one before going back to work. That's a tall order and I know that orchestrating a due date is next to impossible.
2. I want my Mom to move to Louisville so she is within screaming distance when I need help. Not gonna happen.
3. I like to drink. HUGE problem.
4. I can't stop this nagging feeling..."What if this is our last fall/winter/spring/summer as a family of two?" I LOVE spending time with my husband. I LOVE wasting time on Sundays and taking my time getting work done. I just finished grad school and want some freaking down I ready for a little pooper who requires 200% of my attention?
5. Every time I see a baby in real life, my body screams, "Why don't you have one of those?!" It's getting harder and harder to ignore.
6. Did I mention how much I love to drink? I can't watch a football game without at least two large beers (and some homemade chili...yummmmmm); I can't read a good book without a few glasses of wine, and I can barely make it through a work week without fantasizing about which bar we'll go to on Friday night! That's horrible, I know, but it's the truth.
7. I want to have a baby on the same day as Laura. Then I won't feel so alone and fat all the time.

So, while all of this decision making is up in the air, I just thought I might as well put it out there on the Internet. And I can tell you...Swistle is not helping. There are SO MANY cute names out there these days, it's almost like I have to have a baby just so I can name one. Ridiculous.

This is such a far cry from my thoughts two years ago. I actually wrote a piece for the Bluegrass Writing Project titled "15 Reasons Why I'll Never Get Pregnant," and they were graphic reasons!! The folks at my old school would laugh in my face if I told them I was seriously considering this baby thing. (I wanted to call in sick for the entire week preceding a fellow teacher's due date because I was afraid that if her water broke it would flood my classroom!) But now I'm kind of thinking, "Won't that be fun, to tell them all I'm pregnant? They will just DIE!"

Alas, like all other things in life, I have to be patient. Li'l pooper will come. He/she will have the perfect name and the perfect family. Things will work out and I don't have to control everything. Damn, that feels good!


I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but that's because absolutely nothing exciting has been going on around here....and it's kind of nice! Yes, we got the house and we're closing on the 26th. We're just sitting around waiting to move, cursing the people who live above us (I swear, it sounds like they're roller skating up there!) and thanking our lucky stars that we found the perfect house at the perfect time!

We've both been busy with school projects. I've agreed to coach the Academic Team at my school and I spend most of my evenings and weekends planning lessons for my amazing students. I could write a book about the dynamics of this classroom: I have perfectionists, class clowns, smartypants, and yes, even a couple of cussers. I still can't quite work out the culture of this school. It's generally positive, but sometimes I feel like I've been left alone to babysit a class full of kids with lots of pent up angers and frustrations. I can definately say this: behavior control comes before instruction in this place and it's very hard to deal with. I can't tell you how much instructional time I lose every day because I'm working out problems or dealing with misbehavior. However, I'm hoping that all the time I spend on behavior at the front end, will improve instructional time down the road. We'll see.

Other than that, we spend our weekends waiting for UK to play and hanging out with Jordan and other friends. Friday night we found a little restaraunt that totally reminds me of Oscar's in Lexington, so that was nice. We'll definately go there again. Next weekend we have to go to a wedding and I have some Writing Project Workshops on Saturday, the weekend after that is our only free one for a while, so I'm sure we'll spend it packing...hooray!!