Monday, September 15, 2008

our sTREEt

There was quite a wind storm yesterday, and 90% of Louisville was left without power. We were fortunate enough to have electricity, although we did lose our cable and internet service for 24 hours. If you ask me, you might as well have taken our electricity too, because 24 hours without cable or internet left us with no connection to the world other than AM radio. We were totally cut off and it was not fun. But we're back on board today and we had plenty of time to start packing up the apartment because we were OFF SCHOOL!! And we're off tomorrow, too! Here are some pictures of our street yesterday - trees everywhere, power lines down, such a mess!


Meredith said...

We didn't get nearly as much damage - mostly branches and twigs littering the sidewalks. Three days off in September! Lucky you! How's your NEW home?

Laloo said...

that is CRAZY -- I'm so glad you two are SAFE!!