Friday, January 16, 2009

Easy as Pie

I just finished watching Waitress with Keri Russel. I wasn't crazy about the affairs being had all over the place, but I will say it was a VERY good movie. An excellent ending!
One reason I loved it so much - it's about PIE! If you know me at all, you know I have an affinity toward pie and the relationships that are built around baking. You also know that I'm baby crazy and I love lullabies. So, seeing as how Chud's out of town tonight, you can imagine how much I bawled when I heard this song at the end of the movie:
This one is definitely going on my next Baby CD. So somebody better have one, quick!

When the world is grey and bleak, baby don't you cry.
I will give you every bit of love that's in my heart.
I will bake it up into a simple little pie....
Baby don't you cry, Gonna make a pie.
Gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle.
Baby don't be blue, gonna make for you,
Gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle.
Gonna be a pie from heaven above,

Gonna be filled with strawberry love.

Baby don't you cry, Gonna make a pie,
And hold you forever in the middle of my heart.
Baby here's the sun, Baby here's the sky,
Baby I'm your light and I'm your shelter.
Baby you are mine, I could freeze the time,
Keep you in my kitchen with me forever.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm a Sucker AND an Idiot!

What a day! I went to Lexington to have lunch with some of my teacher friends from my last school and to go to Laura's jewelry party. I've been to four jewelry parties in the last three months! You'd think I'd have enough by now, but guess what? I still bought more! I can't stop. Someone invited me to a Pampered Chef party and I said "sure!" Two more people signed up to have jewelry parties and I said, "I'll come!" I can't get enough of this kind of stuff! What a sucker!

Then, on my way home, which is usually a one-hour drive, I performed an act of brilliance. Halfway there I stopped for gas. I got back on the interstate and proceeded to sing almost the entire Mama Mia soundtrack before Chud called. Long story short - I hung up the phone and realized I was eleven miles away from LEXINGTON! I went the WRONG WAY on the interstate for 30 solid minutes. I had to turn around at the next exit, which happened to be the same exit from which I left Lexington an hour before. What an IDIOT! It took me two hours to get home. I basically drove the interstate twice in a row. It was very exciting.

So, if you have something to sell, call me. If you have something to deliver to another city, don't call me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 is Going to be Great!

2008 was a big year for us. We moved to Louisville, I got a new job, and we bought a house! Lots of big accomplishments for the Fasciotto family, and lots to celebrate during the holidays. We had a wonderful Christmas in Northern Kentucky with my family. We managed to see everyone we were supposed to see and go everywhere we were supposed to go without any trouble at all. It was nice to see family from out of town and as far as I know, everyone got everything they wanted for Christmas. I have some really good pics from Christmas but I can't get them out of my *new* camera Chud got me. When I do, I'll post them on Facebook.
After a week at home, Chud and I departed NKY for the lovely East Coast where we spent a few days in Charleston, SC via Asheville, NC. It was a wonderful, much needed trip. I'm so glad we got married right after Christmas, especially since we're teachers. Now we can spend lots of time with family at Christmas, then run away for some alone time afterward. It works out perfectly.
We had such a blast in Charleston. Our B&B was right in the middle of the French Quarter in downtown Charleston. We did lots of walking, ate lots of good food, and saw many exciting historical sites such as Fort Sumter and Boone Hall Plantation (where North and South was filmed, however it is NOT as historical as one might think - the place was built in 1940)! Alas, it was still beautiful.

Our favorite restaurant was hands down Magnolia's, a recommendation from Laura and Pete. We had our anniversary dinner there and it was phenomenal - best food I've had in a long time.
I also found the bakery Cupcake, whose website I've visited about a billion times. I made a few purchases and was very happy about it!

Chud took me to Folly Beach where we played in the sand and took some great pics. Overall, it was a wonderful trip!

Happy New Year, everyone! I pray that everyone's families stay healthy and happy this year. I'm also looking forward to some *new additions* to a few families, so good luck to everyone emarking on that journey this year! 2009 is going to be great!