Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Power Showers

Well, it was quite a weekend up in Northern Kentucky. I had two (count 'em TWO!) showers planned - one for Saturday and one for Sunday. I decided on these dates a long time ago for two reasons: 1. I would only have to make one trip up there, and 2. I wouldn't take two weekends away from my National Board work. However, because of the impending blizzard and hazardous driving conditions on Saturday, my Aunt Dar moved her shower to Sunday night, which meant I had two showers in ONE DAY! It was fantastic. I don't have a lot of pictures, but I'll do my best to describe the wonderfulness of my shower-filled baby extravanganza!

My stepmom, Sally, threw a beautiful shower at her house early in the afternoon. The dining room table was beautiful (wish I had a pic!) and the food was delicious! She had my old Puff-a-lump stuffed animal sitting on the table, which was perfect, because he was PINK as were all the other decorations. Here's the cute punch bowl and M&M counting jar.

I should not have had that cup of punch before lunch, because my blood sugar was too high afterward to eat a piece of cake. Don't worry, though, I took a piece home with me and ate it when my numbers went down. And, surprisingly, they stayed down all day! Hooray! Speaking of cake, here's the prettiest cake I've ever seen:

...and it tasted really good, too! I almost forgot to mention that between lunch and cake we did the best shower activity of them all - presents!! It felt like the presents just kept on coming! Every time I turned around to grab another one I thought, "Surely this is the last one," but it never, ever was! We got lots of adorable clothes, fluffy blankets, our pack-n-play, our lamp, a stocking that matches the ones Sylvain and I already have, an adorable handmade pillow from my cousin and lots of other goodies that I can't remember at the moment. Tons of stuff. Tons.

Then, Mom and I headed back to her house to unload those gifts into my car and we took off to the NEXT shower at my Aunt Dar's house. This one was equally beautiful and every bit as nice as the first one! My cousin Carrie made everyone play "Baby Project Runway" as the first game. She dumped a pile of fabric and accessories on the floor, passed out glue guns, glue and pins, then instructed everyone to work together in teams to design a baby outfit and I had to pick the winners! It was hard. There were lots of laughs and some surprisingly impressive outfits. I think Mom and Lori won, and Aunt Sherry came in second. I should have picked Abby's outfit, though, because she's a kid and she worked really hard on hers. Oh well.

The decorations at the second shower were fantastic! Flowers everywhere, everything drenched in pink. It was just lovely! The cake was super cute, too. It was cheesecake covered in frosting and I almost cried when I watched everyone else eat it.

Dar gave me the leftovers, though, and I had a small piece on Monday night before bed. It was every bit as delicious as I thought it would be. Now I have to take the rest to school and make the teachers eat it, which shouldn't be a problem!

Oh, and guess what? This shower had presents, too!! Tons of them! We got more cute clothes, our bottle sterilizer and drying rack, our humidifier, more fluffy blankets, plenty of books, diapers and other goodies that I can't remember at the moment. After this trip, my car was sufficiently packed to the brim. We could not have fit another gift in the trunk or the back seat if we tried. It was fantastic!

So, overall we made a haul at the Power Showers! I made Sylvain come with me to NKY because I was too nervous to drive up there by myself, which means he spent all afternoon sitting at Mom's house watching TV and all evening at Game Works playing pinball by himself. What a trooper. He officially wins the husband of the year award - again.

Thank you to everyone who came to the showers! It was so nice to see some family and friends that I haven't seen in a long, long time. I realized about halfway through the first shower that this baby is so blessed to have all of these people who already love and care for her, and they haven't even met her yet! As I unpacked all of her things into her room, I got really excited about finally getting to meet her myself and bring her home to all of her treasures. I have no doubt that we'll have the best dressed, most snuggable baby in the whole, wide world!

Everything is ready to go, so as Grandma Neltner would say..."All we need now is a baby!"

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