Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look at My Babies!!

Here is the news segment, filmed a couple weeks ago, about our Pennies for Peace Program! Today we are top story number 7 and part of the "Hot Topics" section, but if you go to the "Education" link, you can find it under "School Cribs." As much as I want all of my blogging friends to go watch the segment, I want even MORE for all of you to go there and VOTE FOR OUR SCHOOL as your favorite School Cribs! You can vote once a day per computer for the whole month of February and it takes all of 30 seconds. PLEASE go vote for us! There are some schools that haven't even aired yet and they have over 100 votes. Most of our kids don't have computers at home, so, while other schools can rely on families to get the job done, we have to reach out to anyone and everyone we know with access to the internet. Help make our school the best, people! Come on!

My kids worked so hard on the program and we only had about one and a half minutes to show all they've been doing around the school. So not cool, WLKY! SO NOT COOL! Alas, here they are - three girls from my class who have marvelous speaking voices (but are totally and completely nervous, bless their hearts), and the rest of my class behind them, plus one of my students walking the halls and collecting pennies. They don't have the footage of one of my boys doing the "teaser" right before the commercial break prior to our segment. He exclaimed, with an ear to ear grin, "HI! My name is I____ and I'm a student at Engelhard Elementary! Stay tuned to find out why our school is the BEST!" It was adorable. I've never been more proud of my students in my life!

Our penny drive is over and we're waiting to find out how much we've collected, but these kids put their hearts and souls into this project and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome, no matter how much money we have or how many votes we get. The point is, these kids learned how to help other kids halfway around the world. It might now show in the video, but they know exactly where this money is going and exactly why they collected it. Their enthusiasm for the project gives me goosebumps. I love teaching fourth grade!

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