Monday, November 30, 2009

Calling All Moms! I Want Your Stories!

Like all good ideas, this one hit me in the middle of the night. Sylvain and I have started our child birth classes and I've been reading lots of books about labor, delivery and recovery. Last night I was thinking about all the Moms I know, and how it would be nice to sit down with all of you and hear your birth stories. Since I don't have that much room in my house or time to go visit all of you, I've decided to put out the "all call" on the internet for your stories instead!

So here's the deal:
- Email me your stories at pocket879 at hotmail dot com OR if you have your stories in a blog post, just send me the link.
- If you have more than one kid, you can send me more than one story OR you can combine them, I don't mind.
- Let me know somewhere in your email if I have permission to post your story on my blog. My number one goal is to learn as much as I can about your experiences, my number two goal is to share what I learn with the online world. So, if you don't want me to publish your story, don't let it stop you from sending it! I still want to read it!! If you do want your story published, leave out any identifying factors like locations, hospital names, and names of doctors and nurses.

Don't hold back, ladies! I want the WHOLE story - the good, the bad, and the ugly!

If you don't know where to start with your story, here are some questions to consider:
1. When and how did you know you were in labor?
2. What was your husband/partner/coach's reaction? What role did this person play in the process of labor and delivery?
3. How long were you in labor? When did you decide to go to the hospital? When did your doctor get there?
4. Did you have any medication or interventions during labor and delivery? This list includes, but is not limited to: pitocin, epidural, episiotomy, forceps, vaccuum. What were the effects of these medications or interventions on you and on the baby, if any?
5. Who was with you in the delivery room? What was their reaction?
6. Were there any surprises for you on that day? Did anything happen that you felt unprepared for?
7. Describe the moment when you first saw your little one - Did the baby cry? Did you cry? Were the baby's eyes open? Did you get to hold the baby right away?
8. If you nursed your baby, how did that go?
9. How long did you stay in the hospital and how long was your recovery?

I'm really excited about this little project. I'm particularly interested in hearing the stories of the Neltner women on my mom's side of the family, since I appear to take after my mom as far as this pregnancy is concerned. I'm also interested in getting a good sampling of stories from mothers of all ages, young and old! If you're not a mother, pass this idea on to one that you know - most of us know at least ONE mom, right? If nothing else, these stories should be written down for prosperity's sake!

Have fun and happy story telling!


Tate said...

Oh I love this idea! I enjoy hearing how different everyones birth story is even when I am involved in them on a daily basis at work. Here is the link to mine, I don't know what you would want to copy and use but you are welcome to it! I am enjoying reading about your daily pregnancy adventures, and I have to say I hope you find just the right maternity clothes because they were the best things in the world to me! I would let you borrow some but I am needing them myself :o)

Katie (glenn) Zuerner

Pocket said...

Well, hello Katie Glenn Zuerner! You would not beleive this, but when I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about sharing stories, I was actually picturing all of the Glenn and Gautraud women in my living room taking turns telling me all about their experiences! You ladies sure do know a lot about babies and I want to hear it! Thanks for the link - your story is beautiful! I'm adding you to my list of blogs to follow - you've done it now, girl!

Lil' Ms. P said...

Well, it is not the most detailed story, probably because my husband wrote it for me. I was suppose to be resting. I was stuck in the delivery room for an extra day due to preeclampsia.

You can find more details in the other posts, between Nov-Jan.

Joyce said...

My fondest memory of delivering Rach was being 2 weeks early and since it was my first time, I thought I was just having gas pains. I kept going to the bathroom and pushing and pushing and it's a wonder she didn't pop out right into the toilet. After an hour or so I thought, Hmmm, labor pains?? I called the doctor at 6:30 a.m., got to the hospital at 8:00 a.m. thinking I'd be sent back home, and told Mike to leave the bag in the car, this can't be the "real thing". While he parked the car, they took me up, checked me out and told me I was 9 cm dilated and wouldn't be going back home. Three hours later, there she was!

She wasn't the easiest to take to nursing, but with a lot of perseverence, she and I both finally figured it out and breast feeding was a truly wonderful experience. When her brother was born 18 months later, however, he came out looking for food and never stopped. They put him on my belly, and it seemed right off the bat he was looking for the food source; latched right on like it was the most natural thing in the world, which it is!!

Pocket said...

Mom!! You did not follow directions! I already know all of that - you need to write this story down in detail and email it to me, nerd face! I want everything - contractions, spinal, sore nipples - the whole deal! C'mon, surely you can remember all of that.

Seriously, though, I want good, long detailed stories. If you can't remember or don't feel like remembering, no problem. But if you can sit down and really think about it, I'd be much obliged!

Sheridan said...

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