Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Katie's Birth Story

Well, the first birth story I received was from a dear long-lost friend - Katie Glenn! Who now goes by "Kate Zuerner;" because she's so sophisticated and grown up and married to Joe Zuerner. But to me, she's just Katie Glenn - my brother's "girlfriend" when they were four years old. She's one of, I think a BILLION kids, and her mom, Pam, is the sweetest thing on the planet, therefore Katie and her BILLION brothers and sisters are also the sweetest thinglets on the planet. Okay, so she really has three sisters and a brother, but still, as a pregnant woman, I feel like her mother might as well have had a billion kids, because that's a lot of work! Anyway, Katie is a labor and delivery nurse, so she gets to see birth stories every day! Somehow, she still finds it interesting enough to share her own amazing story with me, and with the rest of the Internet world. Here is a link to her post about the birth of her beautiful daughter, Annie. You can read it for yourself, but I've copied my favorite parts to include on my own bloggy blog, so here you go!

4:30 [am] Pulled over by B. Police for speeding on the Avenue!! :o) Joe was a little upset however I simply told him not to worry he would not get a ticket. When we told the police man I was in labor he offered a squad to which I laughed and told him that I was an L&D nurse and I had everything under control just let me leave!!!! He wanted to know what hospital we were headed to and when we told him he said that his wife worked at ... in the ER and if we were lying he would know!!!! First of all sir, why would we lie about going 35 in a 25 at 4:30 am? And if your wife knows I am at the hospital and tells you about it I will sue her for violating HIPAA!


6:00 [am] In my room getting the terrible, horrible, worst thing in the entire world...Epidural!!! I would hate them except they make life so much easier. I would not EVER go natural because something tells me that if I didn't like the 5 min Epi process that I wouldn't do well with the 8 hour labor process. However, I freaked out during my Epi. I cried like a baby, I hated the feeling of it! However, it took away the pain...so whatever.


11:00 [am] 10 cm 100% effaced and time to start pushing. Now being a L&D nurse I know how this first time pushing can go, I have done it with many of my patients, anywhere from 10 min to 3 hours long, most often at least an hour. I was very nervous about this, I had no idea how I was going to push for 3 hours!! However with my first push my moms face lit up and Joe mentioned something about seeing the head! I couldn't believe how blessed I was, this was not going to take long at all!


I can't believe how blessed I am to have had such an easy labor and so far on day 4 things are going fairly well. When things are hard (breastfeeding) I just have to look at my little girl and I am so in love with her that it is all worth it.

Here's the pic of adorable Annie that I ripped off of her blog, isn't she precious?!

Thanks, Katie, for such a great story! Your positive attitude and confidence are certainly inspiring to a first-timer like me!

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Hi Rach, It's so good to find your blog! I'll send you an ivite to mine. :-)