Sunday, November 29, 2009

Online Shopping

Oh, how I love the online shopping these days! Free shipping! Discounts galore! I just finished all of Sylvain's presents in about five minutes. I do NOT love shopping in stores like most women do, especially the women in my family. I can shop out in the real world for about two hours MAX before I putter out and die like a flickering Christmas light. My mother has the shopping stamina of an elephant during the dry season. She can bounce from store to store to store at 5 AM like it's nobody's business, but me? I just didn't get that gene.

So, I do my shopping online and I LOVE it. I can sit here in my PJ's, browsing the wares of the world while listening to my own music and eating popcorn. I can click-clickety-click my way to gifts for everyone in the family, and as long as I do it this week, they'll be on my doorstep by Christmas. Ahh, it feels so good!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy Shopping!


Laura said...

I just finished getting some gifts for Pete online, too! And MAN is Amazon competitive this year! One item (which I won't name since he also reads your blog) was 67% below retail!

Pocket said...

Yowza! I also learned that Amazon has electronics, not just books and movies. Unfortunately I still found the best prices at, and although I avoid shopping there all year, I throw all of my ethics out the window this time of year. Bummer, I know, but hey, it's Christmas!