Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Mother

My thankful thoughts today turn toward Mrs. Joyce Ann Eiben, and her fabulous husband Jay.
I'm truly at a loss for words when it comes to talking about my mom. She's a very faithful, hard-working, compassionate person and she has set the bar quite high for motherhood! Every choice she makes and every breath she breathes is for the good of her kids and I don't tell her "thank you" enough. She and Jay have been a monumental help to Sylvain and me, especially now that we have our own house. She is always planning our next painting party or shopping day or weekend together. Without her, I'd have an empty house and no clothes. Thank goodness she's around!

My favorite thing about my mom is her constant effort to hold on to traditions. She's always trying to "pass on" something, whether it be a necklace or a quilt or a recipe. Holidays are a big deal and she gets such joy out of gathering everyone together around good food and fun games. A trip to Mom's house is sure to provide nourishment for the body AND the soul and I always leave there feeling a little more centered than when I arrived.

In fact, I changed my mind about my favorite thing. My favorite thing about my mom is that she succeeded in creating a "home." I've written about this before. All through college and the rest of my adult life, Mom's house was always "home." It's where I used to go to do my laundry and shop in her pantry. Where I could show up any time, day or night, and know there was a room for me and a place to hide. And it seems that she always knew what I needed. "Want some banana nut bread?" "Wanna go shopping?" "Wanna go to church tomorrow?" "Wanna go see Grandma?" Visiting her really keeps me grounded.

And don't even get me started on that husband of hers! I don't know where we'd be without Jay around. I remember when he and Matt and Jenny showed up at our door so many years ago. "Who is this guy?" I thought. Turns out he was the perfect person, and they were the perfect family for us. I don't have to worry about Mom being alone, I don't have to worry about who will help us cut down the tree in the back yard, I don't have to worry about who will watch our baby when we go on our Anniversary trips. Mom and Jay are just always....there.

And I'm so thankful!

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Joyce said...

Oh my Rach!! I want to call you, but I'm afraid it's too late. You've made my day, and Jay too.
Some day you will find out that moms always think they should have done this or that better, and why didn't I teach them this or that and now they're gone, and it's too late, blah, blah, blah. Then I read this and I think, Cool!! I did something right. I can't wait to see you be a mom; you are going to be the best! I love you a pieces -- mommer.