Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sally and "The Boys"

One more chunk of the family to be thankful for: my stepmom and brothers (okay, technically they're "half" brothers, but if I spent all my time calling them "half" brothers instead of "brothers," it would be way too confusing, so they're just BROTHERS, got it?)

It's been such a wonderful experience having these three lovelies in my life! Sally has always been a steady rock and a sympathetic ear for me, and we like to sit at the kitchen table long after dinner and dessert, talking about the world and how much better everything would be if people just listened to US! And in high school, she was always the one who could calmly explain why I was in trouble and exactly what I needed to do to make things right. I certainly wouldn't be who I am today without her.

As for "the boys," (although they're certainly not boys anymore), they are two of the best brothers a big sister could ask for! I love that we're so far apart in age, because I feel like I helped them grow up, and I love that they have an "adult" in their life they can talk to, just like I had their Mom growing up. John just started his first year of college and Evan is loving his History classes in high school. They both tower over me now, but I remember when they were small enough for me to clasp their shoulders and pull them to my waist to give them a big giant hug! They're very kind, thoughtful, and adventurous, especially when it comes to dirtbikes and motocross. (Did I spell that right? I'm not even sure that's what you call it. I didn't get the mechanical engineering genes in our family.) All I know is that there is always a pack of motorized two-wheeled vehicles on every camping trip we go on, and I'M certainly not the one riding them! I could watch them ride those things all day!

I am so grateful they are a part of our family and I can't wait to watch them turn into UNCLES in a few short months. This kid won't know what hit 'em!

John, pictured with his lovely girlfriend, Maggie.

Evan, pictured with....a large woman's shoe.
And, look what I found!

A picture of my Dad! I told you he was good lookin'!

"Where's a picture of Sally?" You ask. For some crazy reason I cannot FIND ONE. I'll be taking lots of pictures of her this holiday season. Until then, here's a picture of someone I always thought she resembled (in looks, not necessarily character, although Sally is quite spunky)!

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Sally said...

Rachael, you're a hoot! Thanks for the "Scarlett" tribute, it made me laugh out loud! We've been lucky to have each other...perfect allies....and I have loved you since day one. So many memories of happy times with you! I cherish them all and those times still to come. John and Evan are completely dedicated to you. You are #1 on their favorite people list, Jordan is 2nd, Dad is #3 (I'm way down the list somewhere.......probably in the double digits!)
That was a lovely tribute you wrote to your Mom. I know you'll create a home for your children as warm and loving as hers.