Saturday, November 7, 2009

We're Gonna Party Like it's 1979!

Tonight is Sylvain's big Gameworks Pinball Birthday Extravaganza! Therefore, I won't have much to post until tomorrow, at which time we'll have pictures and some good stories to tell.

In other news, Mom and I went to Target today to register for baby stuff! It's amazing how much I DON'T KNOW about babies. Sylvain was not interested in registering with me, but has reserved the right to veto anything we've picked out, which he won't do, I'm sure. The funny thing about shopping with Mom was, every time I saw something I wanted, like the nursing pillows and the microwaveable bottle sterilzer set, she would say, "Why in the world do you need that? I didn't need that when I had babies! No one needs all this stuff!" And I told her that maybe her life would have been easier with a bottle sterilizer and she says to me, I kid you not..."I don't think I had to work that hard." I laughed and said, "Sure, you say that NOW, but I bet you were pretty pooped 28 years ago with a newborn." Regardless, we found all kinds of useful stuff, but we have lots more to add. I need to do some research on things like carseats and baby swings. A couple times we found ourselves standing in front of a wall of baby things completely confused and saying, "Um....let's wait."

Anyway, I can't wait to see all of our friends and family tonight, and I'll be sure to post pics tomorrow.

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