Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Dad!

Okay, I'm a terrible blogger. First of all, I should have posted this last night. Second of all, I have no good pictures of my Dad or Sally! I have one picture of Dad from a camping trip and it's saved on a CD that will not open on my stupid half-broken computer, and I have one good picture of the two of them that was saved on MySpace years ago and I can't find it anywhere. Grr. Anyway, even though you can't see them, just trust me - they're good lookin'!

When I was six years old, I thought every Dad built their own house and knew how to live in the woods. I thought every Dad had a basement full of machines that you could take apart and put back together. I thought every Dad built giant bonfires and made gasoline patterns in the front yard to light it. I thought every Dad had two canoes strapped together with a grill welded to the front to make hamburgers and hot dogs on the river. I thought every Dad ate dinner with robot-machine sound effects and wrestled with his kids on the carpet. I thought every Dad took his kids hiking in the woods and could name every tree in Kentucky, or took his kids fishing and could name every fish in Kentucky, too. I thought every Dad drove a big red truck and I thought every kid got excited to see it drive down the street.

But I was wrong. That's just my Dad!
Next post: Sally, John and Evan. And I'll do my best to dig out some pics!

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