Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome to Our Home

Here are the long awaited pictures of our new house!  I'm so glad I took these, because we have lots of plans for every room, so it'll be fun to have plenty of "before" pictures - something I wish I had done with our first house.  I think you'll agree that our place has a lot of potential!  So come on in!  (Excuse the mess.) 
Here's the front of our sweet new house!  We're hoping to someday add a front porch.

View from the front door.  Here's our living room and dining room, and you can see a little glimpse of the playroom off to the right side of the dining room.  The door with the jingle bell wreath leads to the garage, so it's the main door we use.

Here's the living room if you're standing in the dining room.  Someday we'll have couches, and maybe some art on the walls, real curtains, paint, etc...  This room needs a lot of work.

The dining room and the kitchen. (I'm still trying to figure out where to put everything in the kitchen - it's a puzzle in progress.)

 The playroom!  I love this little extra room next to the dining room.  It's perfect for Sylvia's toys and you can't really see it as soon as you walk in.  That doorway next to her table leads to a really swanky laundry room - lots of cabinets and shelves and such.  I didn't take a picture because it's full of boxes at the moment.

I guess we'll stay upstairs and I'll show you the bedrooms.  Here's the hallway:

Go down the hallway and turn right, and you'll see...
Sylvia's bathroom!  Tile floor and shower (which we're hoping to turn into a bathtub soon, for the kids). 

Next to the bathroom is Sylvia's room.  It used to be the master bedroom, so it's pretty darn big, compared to her old room. 

It's really a purple-y grey.  I'm thinking yellow curtains and accents, but we'll see.

And this place is fun - Sylvia's closet!  Can you see her in there, or is she too cleverly disguised in her Christmas apron and her sunglasses?  There's another set of shelves on the other side, which means I have tons of ideas for this giant closet.  Stay tuned!

Here's another bedroom, formerly (and currently) known as Santa's workshop, soon to be baby's nursery!

Here's the other bedroom which we're using as a guest room.  It's pretty tiny, but enough space for someone to sleep, so...guest room it is!

Let's go downstairs!
Here we are at the bottom of the steps, looking up at the door to the garage.  I love how the staircase is open and airy, so it doesn't feel like a stairwell. 

At the bottom of the steps, turn around and you'll see our "office," which needs tons of attention, I know.  That door behind Sylvain goes to the unfinished room in the basement used for storage.  There's also a little nook behind the steps that has our bookshelves. 

Here's our family room downstairs.  We'll be putting some nice blinds on that window behind the tv soon, but for the moment we have a fancy shower curtain on a tension rod!  Because, you know...we just can't have any glare on that tv during UK games.  Who cares how terrible the window looks, at least the tv looks good!  To the right you can almost see the walk out sliding doors - the first glass structure for which we actually bought curtains!  Exciting!

Here's a better picture of the door.  This is pretty much where we spend all of our time, especially after Sylvia's gone to bed.

If your turn left at the bottom of the steps, you'll walk through a door, right into our Master Suite!!  
 We're still fiddling around with where to put the bed and the dresser, but for now it works because my side is facing the bathroom.  We'll also be getting blinds for that window (right now we have a terrible shade with a hole in it).

Sylvain's closet.  We could fit a baby's bed in there if we wanted to.  We don't, of course, but we could. 

Here's our bathroom!  It's so nice to have two full bathrooms, especially since one of them is in our own room and I can sprint to the potty in the middle of the night, even if there are guests here!

 Look at my fantastic bathtub!  Tile and a little ledge all the way around!  At the moment Sylvia takes her baths down here, so I'll be glad when we get a bathtub upstairs.

 Here's my closet!  Sylvia likes to roll around in my shoes, which is why they're a mess.  I can't wait to organize the heck outta this place!

That's it for the upstairs and downstairs, so let's go outside! 

 I'm excited about landscaping this little corner in the front.  It'll also be nice to see what blooms in the spring.

 Here's our deck and shed.

There's our walkout basement door.  And if you turn around from this spot, you see...

 Our backyard!!  Flat at the top with a great sledding hill, then flat again at the bottom.  I'm just dying to get some chickens and goats, but Sylvain is not on the chicken train, so we'll see.  Goats are a real possibility.

 Here's the other side of the back.  Perhaps a patio here, or a playhouse for the kiddos?  Who knows!  Turn around from this spot to see another view of the spectacular backyard.

 Deer like to have parties back here, and Sylvia has a good time staring at them when they arrive.  Words cannot describe how excited I get every time I look at this yard!

And that's the end of our house tour.  Soon we'll be painting, hanging pictures, moving furniture and making this place ours!  Even though we've only been here a month, we are so at home and joyous in our new space.  Stay tuned for all the fun!  Thanks for coming!


Meredith said...

LOVE it, especially the yard! Plenty of room for the kids to play inside and outside and so neat that you grown-ups have your own floor. How long does it take you to get to work?

Jennifer said...

Oh wow, what a great house! I was already impressed with all the space, and then I got to those last pictures of the outside and it was just "ahhh..." like whatever the opposite of claustrophobia is, that's how I felt looking at your yard. Congrats on the new home and that all the selling, hunting, buying, moving hurdles are over!