Friday, January 20, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

Sylvain is rarely "at home" in public places, but if he had to pick his favorite public place to be, it would be a Natural History Museum.  Any of them.  We've been to many since we've met, and he always walks through them like a kid in a candy store.  He has a huge fascination with Natural History, and he's read countless books on topics like Biology and Gentics and Evolution and Space and....lots of other super nerdy things!

So, when my parents got us a one year pass to the Museum Center (3 museums in one!) as a Christmas gift, we smiled and said "Thank you so much, we can't wait to take Sylvia to the Children's Museum."


Of course, we were excited about the Children's Museum, but Sylvain was DYING to go the Natural History Museum.  I mean, he's only been twice in the last seven years, and now he can go WHENEVER HE WANTS TO for a whole year!  Merry Christmas!

Monday was the day.  We hit up the Children's Museum because we felt like we had to, and Sylvia loved it.  It was crowded and Sylvain paced around like he was itching to get outta there.  We ate our packed lunch and decided to "swing through" the Natural History Museum, saying things like "We might as well take a look," and "We don't have to see it all because we can always come back!"

It was dangerously close to nap time, but we dove right in, expecting the worst and hoping for the best, as far as toddler behavior goes.  Well.......guess who else loves Natural History?

Walking through the ice cave, chatting about glaciers.
Climbing on the rocks, avoiding all kinds of prehistoric predators.

I have never seen her act so much like him before.  Maybe it's because he acts so much like a kid when he's here, but the smiles and the pointing....oh, it was precious!  They were both adorable.  Maybe I'm projecting our own feelings onto her, but I dare say Sylvia likes the Natural History Museum better than the Children's Museum!  It still had tons of interactive things for her to do, it was MUCH less crowded, and it wasn't nearly as noisy and light-filled and annoying.  Okay, that's probably my own reason for loving it, but regardless - she had a wonderful time!  I predict many Daddy-Daughter trips to the Museum once the new baby arrives.  And Sylvia will be reading a book on Evolutionary Genetics in to time, I'm sure.

Now, if it would just get warmer out so we could go to the ZOO!!!  I'll let you guess which one of them is dying to see the monkeys.

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