Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby Two

We went to the doctor today for my 15 week checkup and Sylvia got to hear the baby's heartbeat!  Even though we have a group of doctors instead of two doting midwives, like we had with the last pregnancy, I was thrilled when the doctor made a point to talk to Sylvia and ask her if she could hear it.  Now, when you ask Sylvia what the baby says, she says "Bum-bum bum-bum!"  It's adorable.

This poor second baby is already taking a back seat to the mischievous toddler in the house - it's taken me 15 weeks to even write about our newest one!  So for the rest of the post, I vow to leave out any more Sylvia stories or anecdotes and save them for another day (you would not believe the tricks this girl has been pulling lately).  From here on out, it's nothing but baby!

This pregnancy has been wonderful, just like my last one.  I found out I was pregnant in mid-October at 4:30 am on a Wednesday morning.  We were both surprised that it happened so quickly.  When I crawled into bed to tell Sylvain the news, he said, "You're kidding!" Then he rolled back over and mumbled, "Well, that was easy!"  I couldn't go back to sleep, so I grabbed my phone and calculated a due date, started a list of baby names, and Googled doctors and midwives in our area. 

For a solid week we were both walking around with "our secret," which was hard because we were still living with my parents.  If we looked at each other for too long, he'd get a goofy smile and I'd start to giggle.  Finally, we told our parents and our closest friends.  By week 7, I was starting to feel super nauseous and I had tons of weird cravings - mostly just Reduced Fat Whole Grain Eggo Waffles in the middle of the night.  I remember lying in bed at 1:00 am on a Saturday morning, trying to count down the hours until I could eat breakfast when I finally just got out of bed, stumbled downstairs, and made the world's most delicious frozen waffle meal!

Week's 8 and 9 started to get tricky at school.  I had to keep lots of snacks in my desk drawer to keep myself from getting sick and I got lightheaded and dizzy a couple times a day.  Luckily, none of my kids or the other adults who work in my room noticed anything funny.  By week 10 though, I was free and clear of all nausea and I'm happy to report that despite a wonky tummy, weird aversions and cravings, I made it through the first trimester without throwing up.  Hurrah!  I know that's not normal so I feel very blessed.

Between weeks 10 and 15 things were getting very busy at work, we moved into a new house, and we made it through the Christmas holiday.  I was feeling normal, I wasn't showing, there were boxes to unpack and a toddler to supervise.  Not only did those weeks fly by, but most of the time I totally FORGOT that I was pregnant!  It wouldn't be until the evenings that I remembered - when I crawled into bed and felt a sense of exhaustion the likes of which I've never felt before. "Oh yeah!  I'm growing a baby.  No wonder it's 8:00 and I feel about as tired as a corpse."  If people could die from being tired, I'd be pretty close.

And now here we are!  15 weeks already and a happy, healthy baby inside the ol' uterus, making itself at home, boxes unpacked and dirty socks on the floor.  Welcome, little one.  Stay as long as you like.  It's going to be a lovely 25 weeks together, I'm sure!