Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Would you believe I forgot to take my cameras when we traveled North for Sylvia's First Easter?  What kind of crummy Mom am I?  Psh.  I should lose my Mommy Photographer license.  Appalling.  Embarrassing.  Just downright irresponsible, really.

Lucky for me, Grammy had her camera out and ready all weekend long.  So here are a few pics of our weekend.

We arrived on Saturday.  Sylvia slept on the drive from here to there, so when we got to Mom's house, we told Sylvia we were getting back in the car to go see a butterfly exhibit, and she did not mind one little bit.  In fact, she was pretty excited about all the commotion:

The Butterfly Exhibit was absolutely amazing.  On the way in, the line was a little slow, so we posed for a family photo with some pretty flowers.  When we started walking again, my little cousin said to me, "I really hope we see at least ONE butterfly!"  Oh, sweet Abby.  Little did we know....


When we entered the giant plant-filled room, it was like walking into a swarm of butterflies.  It took a minute to get used to it, I kept dodging and squealing and pointing and laughing.  It was really amazing.  Then, while we were oohing and ahhing at all the pretty butterflies, Sylvia made a new friend:

The lady who let us in the door took one look at Sylvia's outfit and said, "Oh my.  The butterflies will LOVE that yellow!"  And sure enough, they did.  The one in the picture above stayed on her head as we walked around.  It was not interested in leaving, and it was probably a little upset that the yellow bow wasn't putting out any nectar.  Silly butterflies.  It didn't take long for another butterfly to be all, "Hey!  Are you having any luck over there?  Let me help you look for some sugary goodness...."


Sylvia's two new friends stuck around for quite a while until they realized that this giant yellow flower is not a flower at all.  I could almost hear them boo and hiss at us as they fluttered away. 

On Easter Sunday, we took Sylvia to church in her adorable Easter dress, but (as I described in my last post), she had a really, really hard time sitting still and staying quiet during mass.  The nerve, right?  She wasn't too concerned with the resurrection of Christ, only that it was NAP TIME and this wooden pew was NOT her bed.  Oops.  After communion, we made a mad dash for the door, but Sylvia figured out that we were trying to pull a fast one, so she punished us by puking all over her dress.  And her jacket.  And her Daddy.  Poor kid.  This would be the second holiday of her life where events became so intense that she had no other way to show her excitement other than to puke.  You know it's not a decent family get together unless a baby pukes.

We went back to Mom's for brunch, at which point Sylvia refused to sleep.  We put her in her clothes from the day before and let her join in the festivities.  The weather was just too rainy for any sort of games outside, so we stayed on the porch swing and took a few pics.

Here she is with cousin Charlie.  Apparently they called each other and coordinated their outfits.  Way to go, kids.

Another family photo.  We clean up pretty nice, don't we?  It's not often you find me in a pink sweater AND my husband in a pink tie, so I'm glad we have this evidence that we do, in fact, own nice clothes.

And this final photo is begging for a caption contest!  I can't give anything away, but I can give a cyber high-five to my favorite entry.   The look on Sylvia's face is priceless.  I expect to see a lot of this circa 2015.

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