Friday, April 1, 2011


We're all a little excited around here, and I think Sylvia has picked up on the March Madness Fever.  When we're watching basketball in the basement, we put her in the pack-n-play with a bunch of toys, including her plush Wildcat that plays the UK Fight Song.  Which.....................might have been her bedtime lullaby for the last two weeks.  I'm pretty sure it'll be the first song she ever sings!  It turns out that there's only one place where we can position the pack-n-play so we can see her AND the game at the same time - right in front of the giant light and color show that we call a TV.  She freakin' LOVES it!  When the rest of us start clapping and cheering, she stops what she's doing (i.e. chewing on something), and starts clapping and shrieking like she knows what the heck is going on.  It's totally adorable.

Hey neighborhood!  Don't you know the Cats are on?  
Look at my gigantic teeth!  They can crush some carrots like the Cats are going to crush UConn!
"On, on, U of K!  
We are right for the fight today! 
Hold that ball and push that line.  
Every Wildcat STAR WILL SHINE! 
We'll fight, fight FIGHT,
For the blue and white,
As we roll to the goal, Varsity!
We will kick, pass and run,
'Till the battle is won,
And we'll bring home the victory!"
Go Cats!

As it turns out, her second favorite activity is standing up against the front storm door and screaming at every bird, squirrel, leaf, or car that happens to drop into her field of vision.  Sometimes she gets so excited that she just lifts her arms up into the air and actually stands on her own two feet for a few seconds.  Then, I can literally watch her brain go, "OH MY GOSH I'M NOT HOLDING ON TO SOMETHING I MIGHT DIE!" and she bends her knees to lower herself safely to the ground.  


This kid is so close to walking that it kills me.  I try to trick her (I mean, GUIDE her) to walk, but once she realizes she's on her own, she FLIPS OUT and drops to the floor.  Oh well, I should thank my lucky stars that she hasn't figured it out yet.  She's hard enough to keep an eye on when she's crawling, I can only imagine the rowdiness that will ensue when she's on two feet!


P.S.  Have you noticed my ticker in the top right corner???  My kid is almost a year old!!!  Ack!!!!!

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