Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Didn't Know I Was Waiting for This!

Things have been getting really crazy at work this week, and to top that off, Sylvain has been super duper sick (until today, thank goodness).  Our plan for this evening was for Sylvain to do all dinner and baby-related work while I ignored my family and worked on report cards.  Sylvia took a stellar afternoon nap when she came home, and ate a lovely, enjoyable dinner with us.  When dinner was over, I announced that I would, in fact, clean the dishes!  I know, how gracious of me, right?  I mean, a hard working Mom, taking time out of her busy day to do the dishes.  I really need a medal.

Anyway, Sylvia usually plays for a few minutes after supper before we put her in the tub and toss her in bed, but the warm weather and chirping birds were calling her name, so Sylvain decided to take her outside to play for a while.  Well!  Guess what happened to me?  I got all teary-eyed while I was washing the dishes!  I stand at that sink every. single. night. and wash dishes, staring out the window at the backyard and thinking of all kinds of crazy things.  When we first moved in to this house, and before we had a baby, I would imagine watching our kids play in the yard.  Then tonight, suddenly, out of no where...BOOM!  There was my vision, right in front of my eyes.  I wanted to write about it before it became common place, which I'm sure will happen very soon because Sylvia loves to be outside and the weather's really warming up.  It was a surreal moment.  There was my kid.  In my yard.  Playing.  Dishes.  Sunshine.  Soap suds.  Laughter.  It was awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that I stopped washing the dishes and ran outside to play.  I guess I'll give that dish washing medal back now.  Who needs it!


Erin Lynne said...

Oh Rachael, you make me want to not give up hope on my dreams... =)

krissy said...

Sweet post. I don't think you'll stop having these moments. At least I haven't. Although, to be honest, my first thought when I was reading this was, "ohhh, I remember the days of giving the kids baths every evening." haha. They're a little stinkier post-Hope.