Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Game Changer

We listened to this pretty decent radio show on the way to church this morning that helped me put Easter in perspective.  And I always welcome a nice dose of perspective, don't you?  We tuned in halfway through an interview with a guy....who wrote a book....about Jesus or something?  I'm really not sure who he was, but he was talking about Easter and Jesus and why he (the author) was led to Him (Jesus).  He said one, tiny, little thing that really stuck to me.  I'm totally paraphrasing here, but he said something like, "Well, in other religions, the prophets never claimed to be anything more than profits.  But in Christianity you have this very compelling figure who claims to be God's True and Only Son.  And the claim itself is not all that compelling, but his resurrection is what draws people in.  It's what makes people think there must be something to this claim.  For Christians, the rising is a game changer."

Ha!  I loved that, because it's true.

I struggle, folks.  I struggle with my Christianity and my faith.  But I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus is a total game changer.  He definitely, absolutely changed the world.  And he continues to change it every day.  So the radio guy really gave me something to think about while my child was screaming and crying through the homily at mass, refusing to sit still or cooperate for one little second, preventing me (or anyone within a twenty foot radius of me) from listening to anything the priest was saying.  As I tried desperately to wrangle my greased pig, I just kept repeating to myself, "Today, the game has changed.  Today, the game has changed!  Hallelujah!"


krissy said...

haha. "wrangle my greased pig" I had one of those this morning also.
Great thoughts. I agree. And to add a little more amazingness~ his ressurection gives us life through his perfect work applied to our guilty account. (Romans 8)unimaginable really. Could I send you a great CD I have listened to lots of times since I got it at Christmas? It encourages me every time I listen to it.

Joyce said...

Awesome, and for the record, your greased pig did just fine. She was raising her hands and praising the Lord, just what should be done on Easter!

Pocket said...

Considering we went to church at nap time, she did do pretty well.

And Krissy, I'd love to listen to your cd. I'm always looking for some new tunes.