Saturday, April 9, 2011

Twelve Months

Dearest Sylvia, Sweetest Nugget, Our Big Girl,

A year ago, you came into the world.  My heart still isn't, nor will it ever be, fully recovered.  You have changed me to my core.  Things were great before you came along, but somehow you've managed to make everything even better.  I used to think I knew what love was.  I used to think I loved my family and I used to think I really loved Daddy.  But once you showed up, I had to change my definition of love.  Because now, the things I feel for our family, and the things I feel for Daddy, are bigger and stronger than anything else I've ever felt.  So I guess that must be love.  Or new love.  Or baby love!  Who knows?  My point is, you made me love things a little bit more than I used to.  And you made me love people a lot more than I used to, and I've always loved people, so that's kind of a big deal. 

You've changed quite a bit in one short year.  When you were a newborn, Daddy and I used to sit on the couch with you on our laps, and you didn't do anything but stare at us and look around a little bit.  I think you probably made some gurgling sounds.  Looking back, I guess you were pretty boring, but we thought you were the most amazing and interesting thing we'd ever seen!  But I guess back then, we didn't know what you'd be like in a year.  NOW you're the most amazing and interesting thing we've ever seen, because now you laugh and play and squeal and hug and kiss and walk and reach and point and eat and eat and eat and.....I could keep going.  You do lots of amazing things. 

We've really loved watching you grow, Nugget.  And we're so excited to watch you grow some more!  I know you're going to be a really fun and exciting kid.  And I can only imagine that you'll be an amazing adult.  Now that your first year is over, I can say with confidence that you are going to do some wonderful things in the world.  And you're really going to shake things up while you do it!  We love you.  Happy Birthday.

With all my love, forever and ever,

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Meredith said...

Awww, so sweet! Why you gotta make me cry? Happy Birthday SJF!