Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Season

I truly believe that spring is the best time of year to bring home a baby!  Nothing helps cure the "baby blues" that often come with having a newborn like sunshine and fresh air.  When the first few months of life are spent outside in warm weather, you know that kid's going to be super healthy!  Sylvia's spring birth was such a blessing because I got to stay home with her all summer and by the time the long nights and cold weather got here, we were well into a routine as a family and were able to suffer through the terrible winter!  I had some pretty significant blues going on for the first couple months, so I often wonder if it would have been worse in winter time.  Blech, enough of those thoughts!  I'm sure winter babies are pretty great, too.

Anway, I guess Sylvia really started a trend, because I have FOUR friends who are all due within weeks of each other!  To be fair, one of them has already delivered, and she went a little early, so Sylvia's first BFF has been here for a while.  When Sylvia picks up her baby cell phone, I always speak for her, and I used to say, "Hello? Grammy?  When are you coming to visit?!" but now I say, "Hello?  Scarlett?  Wanna go the mall?"  And Sylvia laughs and laughs! I'll post some sweet pics of Scarlett once I get motivated enough to get them off of my camera.  Congrats to Emily and Ben for making the world's cutest baby!  I'm sure Sylvia and Scarlett will cause all kinds of delicious trouble when the time comes.  I can't wait!

The rest of my baby-waiting list looks like this:
Laura and Pete - baby girl  - due RIGHT NOW, COME ON!!!
Megan and John - baby girl - due end of April
Emily and Michael - baby girl - due early May

That's right!  ALL GIRLS!!!  Sylvia is pretty stoked about all the new playmates.  The only couple who have nailed down a name so far are Megan and John, and as of our last lunch together, they had decided on Clover!  I think it's absolutely precious and perfect for them.  I cannot WAIT to meet her....or any of these babies!

Laura and Pete are starting to get a little antsy, since their baby girl was supposed to be here Tuesday.  Hang in there, friends!  She just needs a little more time, I suppose.  She's like that kid in my class who always finishes his tests thirty minutes after everyone else, and we all have to sit around and wait for him to be done.  But darn it, he has every answer right, so heaven forbid I try to rush him!  Sorry, I digress.

When we saw Emily and Michael at Sylvia's birthday party, they had narrowed their list of names down to THIRTY.  Thirty possible names.  For one child.  Which is exactly how they roll, and I wouldn't have expected anything different.  Emily says she wants it narrowed down to at most ten names before they go to the hospital, but if I had to place my bet, I'd say that baby comes early and they end up choosing a name that was never on their long list to begin with!  We'll see, though.  Only time will tell!

So happy babying, everyone!  I can't wait to snuggle with all of these precious GIRLS!

P.S.  I almost forgot!  Sylvia's first BFF is really Cecilia Grace, born to Ann and Andy in November.  She's proof that winter babies are just as sweet as spring babies!  So, for a couple months before she was born, I had four pregnant bridesmaids!  I think that's fantastic.  I'll have to post a picture of Cecilia soon, too.  She is the absolute clone of her beautiful mother!

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Laura said...

Last night when we were getting ready for bed Pete talked to my belly and told Baby Girl it was nice of her to wait for the weekend so Rachael could come see her!! Here's hoping that's just what she was doing :)