Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was kind of a blur.  On Saturday, we went to Lexington to visit friends, hold babies, and watch the Derby.  Sylvia was Crabby McCrankerpants.  She's been having some major pooping issues, the details of which I'd rather not write about because I'm tired of dealing with poop, or lack thereof.  On Sunday, we went to the Slugger Museum and she was in much better spirits.  Here's my little Mother's Day gift: 

The souvenir bats were a big hit with the Grandparents and the wee one.  She loved hers so much, she stole mine, too!  All the Moms received free admission and a pink bat after the tour that said "Happy Mother's Day" on it, which was really great!  We walked around downtown and met Uncle Jordan for dinner.  The weather was lovely and the company was pleasant.  What a wonderful day!

Yesterday, however, Sylvia woke up with a fever.  I think.  I didn't take her temperature because I couldn't find the stupid thermometer and I was running late anyway.  Since I'm a terrible mother, I decided to just drop her off at day care and pray they don't call me.  My phone rang at 9:30.  I picked her up at 10:00.  I gave her a bottle, gave her some Motrin, and put her to bed.  After her nap, we went out and bought one of those fancy thermometers that you just press against her temple.  Woah, buddy.  This thing is AWESOME.  Her temp was up and down all day, so in the middle of the night, after I knew the Motrin would have worn off, I sneaked into her room and took her temperature while she was asleep!  It was still a little high, but not nearly as bad as yesterday morning, so I'm keeping her home again today.  Luckily she's been eating, drinking, playing, and bossing me around just like nothing's wrong, so I'm sure she's not feeling too bad.

And get ready for a baby news update: Clover Lydia arrived on the 5th and Audrey Clay arrived this morning!  I'll post pics and details about all of our spring babies soon. 

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Laura said...

love the pictures! the nugget has one awesome wardrobe!!