Wednesday, February 23, 2011


About a month ago, I sent pictures and a short article to detailing the inspiration behind Sylvia's room.  They are one of my favorite blogs and I always marvel at the creative kid rooms they feature.  I never thought, in a million years, that they'd put MY baby's room on their website, but guess what?

I got an email today from one of their writers and she said Sylvia's room would be featured this afternoon!  I have the tiniest little chip on my shoulder tonight.  I already shared the link on Facebook, emailed everyone I know who is not on Facebook, and (gasp!) sent the link to my entire school!  (My principal's gone this week, so....heyo!  Let's have an email free for all!)

I admit, I'm awfully proud of myself.  But you know what else has me beaming?

 The fact that Sylvia insists on holding her own bottle, but still prefers to be held while she drinks it.

And this picture from a couple nights ago.  She was having some major diaper rash issues, so we busted out this bath towel / hoodie / robe which Sylvia received as a gift from Papi and Mamie Fasciotto.  They ordered it handmade from a lady in their town in France, so we know there's not another one like it!  We use it all the time as a bath towel, but it's cut in a T shape and has Velcro in the front so it closes like a robe. Instead of whisking her straight to her room for bedtime, I decided to close up the Velcro and let her play for a little while to get some air up to her hiney.  She loved it!  I managed to snap this gem of a photo which takes my breath away every time I look at it. 

Right in the middle of a busy (bbbuuuussssyyyyy) week, I was handed a reminder to stop and give thanks for my sweet baby girl.  Happy Wednesday, everybody!


Laura said...

SO proud of you for being on ohdeedoh!! way to go with the awesome nursery! can't wait to see you on saturday :)

Kate said...

It was fun to see your nursery on ohdeedoh! I also have a Sylvia (we call her Sylvie, but also "nugget" which I see is a nickname you use as well) who will be 12 months in April. I especially loved your tree decal, a motif which befits a little maiden "of the forest"! (We chose Sylvie's name for that meaning, also to honor my husband's great uncle Silvin) Cheers!

Jennifer said...

you're famous! i want your autograph this weekend. seriously. i've never met an internet celebrity. congrats! can't wait for the shower, see you soon!