Friday, March 4, 2011

Now I Know Why People Hire Nannies

Let me just give you a run down of our lovely week:  Monday was the highlight.  I was allowed to take the day off work so I could go to Frankfort for National Board Certified Teacher Day!  For real!  The Governor declared it!  I went to a reception at the Governor's Mansion!  It was fancy and I loved every second of it.  Next came a ceremony in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building, followed by a visit to the Senate and House of Representatives where everyone stood up and clapped for us.  Just lovely.  Really, really - a wonderful day.


Right before the ceremony I got a call from day care.  Wonh woooonnnnnhhhhhh.....

Sylvia was fussy and pulling on her ears.  I was supposed to get my picture taken in five minutes, so the magic tricks I pulled on that cell phone in the following minutes should have qualified me for some sort of Mommy-phone award.  I called Sylvain and told him he had to go get her.  I called the doctor and made an appointment.  I called Sylvain back and told him what time the appointment was.  I called day care to tell them Sylvain was on his way.  Boom!  I raced into the Rotunda just in time to smile for the camera.  Ta da!!!!

By Monday night, we were giving Sylvia amoxicillin for an ear infection.  Boo to the hoo.  She was not a happy camper.  Sylvain stayed home with her on Tuesday and by Tuesday night she was as good as new!  Then Wednesday rolled around and I started feeling yucky at school.  By Wednesday night I was shivering in bed with a fever, so I stayed home Thursday, hoping that would take care of it.  It didn't.

Enter the world's greatest fixer upper......GRAMMY!!!

Mom had planned to stay with us Thursday night so she could spend Friday with sweet Sylvia, and I have never been so happy to see her in my life!  She arrived late Thursday, and when we all woke up this morning, Mom gave Sylvia her bottle, and Mom got her up and Mom played with her.  And I.....I got to get ready for work like a normal person!  It was amazing.  Unless you count the fact that my throat felt like it was swollen completely shut.  I briefly considered staying home, but decided to go to school and try to schedule a late doctor's appointment.  I have never in all of my life taken two days off in a row, much less three in one week!  Well, except for that one time when I gave birth.  I took a few days off for that.

Mom brought Sylvia to my classroom in the morning, which was really great because the last thing I wanted to do today was stand up and teach!  She read a Dr. Seuss book to my class and they ooohed and ahhhed over Sylvia for a glorious 30 minutes.  For the rest of the day, while I was trying really hard not to pass out, Mom kept sending me pictures of Sylvia with cute little messages.  Here's the cutest pic, which really brightened up my crappy day.

I just kept thinking "Thank goodness she's with Grammy.  At least I don't have to worry about a call from day care today!"

I went to the doctor and found out I have strep throat!  Awesome!  I waited for a million years in the waiting room, then I waited for another million years at the pharmacy, and I assumed that Mom would be long gone by the time I got home, since she has to work tomorrow morning.  But guess what!  She was there.  With dinner on the table.  And she cleaned my house.  I'm not even kidding, people.  My house was clean.  My baby was happy (and eating real food!  Yippee!), my hubby was happy, and there was a roast in the oven.  Then, as if that wasn't glorious enough, she stuck around to wash the dishes before she drove off into the rainy sunset.

I feel like we just had a visit from Mary Poppins herself.  Thanks, Grammy!


Grammy said...

Loved every minute of it! Wish you felt better. :(

stephanie said...

moms rock....My mom will come up and do that, too....The kids will be asleep, house cleaned and I usually feel like, "How did you do that?"