Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eleven Months

Sweet Sylvia,

Time is just slipping by faster than I can keep up with it.  Every month, I sit down to write to you, and there is so much I haven't said to you yet!  I always write about your milestones and the amazing things you can do.  I write about how much Daddy and I love you.  I toss in a couple of pictures and call it a post, but I feel like I haven't said anything important to you yet, and here you are, one month away from a year old.

As we begin the last month of your first year, I'm forcing myself to decide what's really important.  What wise words can I give you before you hit that magical one-year mark and take off into toddler-hood?  What do I really, really want to tell you?

Well, I think you need to know that Daddy and I are not the only ones who love you.  We are the ones who take care of you, and the ones who get to enjoy your sweet smile every day, but there are so many other people who think you are amazing.  You haven't seen most of them since Christmas, but they ask about you all the time, and they read our blog to see pictures of you, and they're thinking about you every day.  You have a gigantic family in many different parts of the world who are interested in your development.  Our Kentucky family is always wondering what tricks you'll do next.  And our France family is delighted that you're starting to understand their language.  Your grandparents miss you.  Your uncles want to play with you.  You are surrounded by such a loving and wonderful family.  I want you to grow up knowing that there are lots and lots of people who care about you, whether you can see them every day or not.

You also need to know that you are not the only little baby in the whole wide world!  You might be the only kid in our house, but there are lots of other kids in the world.  I suppose you have plenty of time to learn this little lesson, but you're already starting to understand it, in your own baby ways.  You love your friends and your teachers at day care.  You are learning to share, to wait your turn, and to follow someone's directions.  The teachers tell me that you listen well!  They say you understand when they say "no" and you understand when they say "Come here!"  That's pretty impressive.

While you are playing safely with other students at day care, Daddy and I are helping other kids in our community.  Kids who aren't as fortunate as you are.  Last week, Grammy brought you to my classroom while she read a book to the fourth graders, and you won't believe this - they were shocked when they found out that you had books in your room.  They were amazed that a baby like you would be lucky enough to have people who read to her, every day.  I know you're much too young to understand this, but when you're older I hope you know that there are some babies who don't have any books.  Or a safe, cozy place to sleep.  Or clean diapers or fresh food.  You are so blessed.  We are all so blessed, my dear.

Here comes your last month.  My plan was to write you a letter each month during your first year.  I can't believe we only have one month left.  Just one.  After one more month, you'll be ONE year old.  That little number one almost knocks me down every time I say it.  It's not very little at all, is it?  It's a big, big deal.

Enjoy this month, sweetheart.  And take it easy.  You're growing up much too fast for me!  Slow down a little bit, and let me catch my breath.

Yours forever and ever,

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Laura said...

that nugget - she's gorgeous!! and the paragraph about the kiddos in your classroom made me cry (especially since we're building our wee one's library before she's even here)