Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Justify Our Purchase

Sylvain and I went out and bought matching iPhones today!  It was certainly NOT an impulse buy.  We've been hoarding our money for a while now, using it for very practical things, and we've been living with super cheap phones for at least two years.  In Sylvain's case, he's been carrying around a ten dollar "made from 95% recycled materials" phone for about four years.  Christmas was not the right time to buy new phones, but we started doing our research around then, just to see what was out there and what we wanted.  I used to have an iPhone, but it was stolen two years ago, hence the super cheap phone I've been using!  Well, Sylvain's been scouring the internet and looking for deals, and after all that scouring he magically decided that today was the DAY!   Yippee!  I was pretty surprised when he said he wanted one, and I haven't been able to pry him off of it all day.  Now that Sylvia's in bed, we're both playing on our phones and the internet and we've become downright sinful with the amount of media being thrown around this place!  Here's the first video I took with my phone.  I think it's super cute, and made the entire purchase worthwhile, if you ask me!


Laura said...

congratulations on your new phones - love the video!

krissy said...