Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm a Crazy Lady

For 361 days of the year, I'm and SO SO glad to be married to a teacher.  But for those other four days, I hate it.

Sylvain and I both have parent-teacher conferences this week on Wednesday and Thursday night. I wish we could stagger our days for conferences, but our district mandates that we make ourselves available for three hours a night, two nights in a row - the SAME two nights - if we want to get paid for our time.  Boo!!

Since we're both occupied until long after day care closes, we've had to enlist the help of some very loving relatives to take care of the Nugget.  Mamie (Sylvain's mom) is picking her up from day care tomorrow night and watching her until we get home.  Grammy (my Mom) is rushing down here Thursday evening to take care of her, but she can't get here until just after day care closes, which means we had to call in the big guns....

Jordan gets to pick up Sylvia from day care on Thursday and bring her to our house until Mom gets here.  Can't you just see the excitement (or mischief) in her face?!  Does she not look like a total evil mastermind in this picture?!  I love it!

I know she'll be totally fine and they'll have a blast, and to be honest, I don't even care if she cries for two solid hours, as long as SOMEONE has her in their possession.  Does that make me a terrible mother?  Meh.  Whatever.

In my attempt to be organized and ready for this two day whirlwind adventure, I managed to type up a two-page instruction manual on how to take care of a 10 month old baby.  For two hours.  It's a little much, I'm sure, but I just want to make sure they know everything they need to know!

Wish us luck.  It's gonna be a long week!

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Grammy said...

Look at that face; like "I can't wait till mom's out of here and I can party with this guy!!" What a riot.