Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Different Kind of Craving

There's something about the five month mark, I guess, that makes me crave something really weird...

Birth Stories!!

I cannot get enough of them.  Last night I watched about ten live birth videos online, and no matter how gross or amazing the story itself was, I ALWAYS cried when that baby was born.  Natural births, medicated births, water births, c-sections, twin births, premature births,...there is something so beautiful and fascinating about every single one.

So....I'm asking for your birth stories AGAIN!  I did this when I was pregnant with Sylvia and it was boatloads of fun.  For me, anyway.  Two years ago I was fortunate enough to post stories from Katie, Madonna, Elizabeth, Laura, and Rachael.  I also got to read a few private stories from friends who were happy to share with me, but requested that I not post them on the blog.  This time around, I want MORE!  I know that most of these girls have had another baby, so I'm hoping they're willing to share again, and I know there are TONS of mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who might like to have the birth stories of their children or grandchildren written down for prosperity's sake.  I'm really hoping to get more mom stories PLUS some non-mom stories this time. 

Here are the guidelines:
- Email me your stories at pocket879 at hotmail dot com OR if you have your stories in a blog post, just send me the link.
- If you have more than one kid, you can send me more than one story OR you can combine them, I don't mind.
- Let me know somewhere in your email if I have permission to post your story on my blog. My number one goal is to learn as much as I can about your experiences, my number two goal is to share what I learn with the online world. So, if you don't want me to publish your story, don't let it stop you from sending it! I still want to read it!! If you do want your story published, leave out any identifying factors like locations, hospital names, and names of doctors and nurses.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some questions you can use.  Obviously, these are geared toward moms, but if you're not a mom, you might still find useful questions in here:
1. When and how did you know you were in labor?
2.  Who was there to support you and what was their reaction?
3. How long were you in labor? When did you decide to go to the hospital?
4. What happened once you got to the hospital?
5. Who was with you in the delivery room? What was their reaction?
6. Were there any surprises for you on that day (good or bad)?
7. Describe the moment when you first saw your little one - Did the baby cry? Did you cry? Were the baby's eyes open? Did you get to hold the baby right away?
8. How long did you stay in the hospital and how long was your recovery?
9.  What were your thoughts on leaving the hospital and bringing baby home?  What were the first few days at home like for you?

Yesterday, I was speaking with a student and her dad.  He told me the story of how he and his wife got PULLED OVER on the way to the hospital (sound familiar, Katie?) and ended up getting a police escort to the emergency room.  I looked at the little girl and said, "Oh my gosh!  Did you know that?!"  She shook her head in amazement and said, "No."  He said, "I never told you that?  We got pulled over by the cops!" and I thought to myself - what an important piece of history for that little girl to know. 
So come on, folks! Open up a word document or grab an old fashioned pencil and get crackin'! These stories won't tell themselves, you know!  


Kate said...

Feel free to use my Mia story. I don't think I have read it since I wrote it and some of it surprised me because I didn't remember it happening that way. Im so glad I recorded it :o) And now I am looking forward to June even more! I can email it to you or you can copy it off my blog post June 13th 2010.

Meredith said...

I'm going to write out mine sometime this week. :) I want to craft a version that leaves out the nitty-gritty but still captures it all.