Friday, May 14, 2010

Total Bliss

Sylvia has started doing the sweetest things lately.  She can smile back when I smile at her.  She has sort of figured out that she can hit the rattle that hangs above her from her play mat.  And she prefers listening to real people music instead of the super annoying Baby Einstein jibberish that comes out of every toy she has (thank goodness).  But the sweetest thing she does now...

She's figured out the perfect position for burping after she eats.  I can now throw her on my shoulder and she lays her head down and wraps her tiny arm around my neck while I pat her back.  Until yesterday she would just wiggle and squirm and freak out when I tried to burp her like this, which meant I had to sit her in my lap and burp her there while trying to keep her head from flopping all over the place.  But yesterday she finally laid her head down and snuggled up in the crook of my neck and it was so wonderful.  She was so cuddly and warm!  I rocked back and forth for an extra half hour after she burped just because she was being so sweet.  There was something so instinctual about it, something chemical.  It made me feel really, really good.  I looked around her room and thought about all the planning and anticipation that went into it.  I thought about Sylvain and our decision to make a baby.  I thought about my pregnancy and all the time that I spent waiting and worrying.  And now she's here.  And I get to rock this sweet baby to sleep every night.  It was such an amazing feeling, like all was right with the world; like I had a little slice of balance and peace.  It's absolutely blissful.

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