Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photo Fun!

I recently read on Madonna's website a "photo challenge," if you will.  Here's how it works: you go to your photo files, pick the 8th folder and the 8th picture.  Post it on your blog and tell the story behind it.  How fun is that??  Here it goes...

Oh, hooray!  Derby Party, 2009. 

I  usually glance over this photo when I'm rifling through my derby party pics.  There are so many others that display the fun times had by all at that party.  We ran many races through the back yard including this hula hoop race, the crab walk and our favorite, the dizzy bat race!  Most memorable moment from that party?  When Kent almost died as he fell into the bushes after the dizzy bat race!  I can't remember who won the backyard races or the derby pool, but I do know there were bacon-wrapped hot dogs, mint julep cupcakes, and plenty of bourbon!

However, now that I look at this picture more closely I can tell you - that's my husband rocking the hula hoop race!  I guess it really captures his fun-loving spirit and go-getter attitude!  This picture shows us just one of the many reasons I think he's the greatest person on the planet.  Love you, honey!!

Now, to all of my blogging friends - I dare you to do it, too!  It's super fun, and has the potential to make for a very deep (or silly, or embarrassing, or emotional) blog post if your stuck for material.  Have fun!

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Lil' Ms. P - Madonna said...

Love it Rachael. So glad you joined in.