Monday, May 24, 2010

Many Past Due Updates

I have a feeling I'm going to look back at this post in a few years and realize that it's completely ridiculous to document every moment of Sylvia's life like this, but I totally can't help it.  I have a ton of adorable pictures that I just saved to my computer and I picked the best ones to post here to update everyone on the goings-on of a six week old!  Enjoy.

Since she started throwing up all over the place, I bought one of those inclines that keep babies propped up while they sleep.  She hasn't thrown up at night since she started sleeping on it, but she HAS started doing this:
This is how I find her most mornings and after most naps.  I think it's absolutely hilarious.

My dad and stepmom gave Sylvia a rosebush when she was born and Sylvain planted it in the backyard along the fence where I can see it from the kitchen window.  On Mother's Day, one of the sweet blooms found it's way to my breakfast table.  My husband is the best.

This is where she sits when we eat dinner, and every once in a while she even lets us eat our entire meal without holding her.

A couple weeks ago, Laura came over to watch the Nugget while I ran some errands.  I was very excited about going out on my own without carting a baby around.  So excited, in fact, that I came home after less than an hour out and about, doing things that would have normally taken at least a couple of hours.  My timing was way off.  I think Laura enjoyed her short time with the baby anyway. 


I put a cute outfit on her and took a picture.

 Some of her friends came over to play...

But this is about as exciting as three new babies get:
Those babies belong to two of the couples from our childbirth class.  It was so nice to get together and talk about being new parents.  Turns out I'm not crazy and my baby is normal.  Phew!

We walked to church for the first time yesterday.  She smiles intentionally now, so I tried to catch a picture of an elusive smile while she was in her super pretty dress.

Oh, she's also been practicing her flying karate kicks.  Not bad for a novice. 

After church we took her outside while we did yard work.  She spent some tummy time on the blanket and Sylvain tried to teach her how to crawl.  She would be totally mobile if it weren't for that darn gigantic head weighing her down!


And as long as the weather stays nice all week, this is what we'll be doing every day:

Somewhere in the middle of all this "work" we managed to make a trip up North to see my family.  She spent some much needed time with the Grandparents and I got to relax a little bit while other people took care of her for a while.  Ahhhh.  We're going back this weekend for a graduation party, a Red's game, and a cookout.  Sylvain has one week of school left and then we'll be home free for the summer. 

Hip Hip Hooray!!!


Laura said...

LOVE it!! I've been wanting a photo update. The new blog layout is FABU!! Thanks for taking a foot picture :)

Laura said...

I guess it should be 'feet' sorry