Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a lovely holiday weekend with my family.  We went to my cousin's graduation party Saturday night and left Sylvia there with my mom so we could go to the Red's game!  Mom and Jay watched Sylvia AND Charlie Saturday night at their house.  Everyone survived and it appears that the grandparents may have even enjoyed watching two babies at once (weirdos). 

We spent Sunday afternoon and evening at my dad's house, hanging out with grandparents and great grandparents.  The highlight of the day (other than the wonderful food), was watching Sylvia hang out with her Grandpa in the garage.  She loved the music and even held a wrench for a while.  They'll turn her into a mechanic before we know it.  Yipes!

Today we went to my Aunt Dar's house to go swimming, and to plop Sylvia in the pool for a few minutes to see how she would fare.  At first, when Sylvain dangled her feet in the water, she wailed like a banshee, but once she was in and became accustomed to the water, she was really digging it.  Here are a couple more shots of her first trip to the pool.

Cruising with Daddy in her gigatic, yet completely useful, sun hat.

Relaxing in the shade of Mama's body. 
(I was a tiny bit neurotic about her and the sun, but my mom was even more so.  Poor little Sylvia did not inherit the most sun-friendly skin tone.)

The girl just loves to be outside.  Grandpa says that means she'll be a good camper!  Overall it was a wonderful long weekend and the girl is pooped.  Let's hope she sleeps for quite a while tonight so Mom and Dad can get some rest.

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Laura said...

oh my gosh those pictures are PRECIOUS!! so glad you had a nice weekend -- looks like it was really fun!