Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lots of Love!

If you're wondering who the luckiest girl in the world is, you should guess ME! Last weekend, Laura and Emily threw a beautiful baby shower for me and everything about it was perfect - the food, the games and especially the presents! Here are some highlights:

First of all, the guest list was fabulous! These ladies can party - I should know, we did lots of partying together in college. The following picture used to look a lot different...

That's right. My friends can chug water from a baby bottle. What can your friends do? If you had told me nine years ago we'd be chugging bottles I'd have laughed in your face, and spilled my beer on your shoes. Someone suggested turning me upside down to do a "bottle stand," but that's probably not too safe. The bottle chug was one of many rousing games, including one where we had to guess each other's baby pictures, guess mystery baby food, and see how many pieces of toilet paper could fit around my belly! Fun times! They also passed around a basket of diapers and everyone wrote a message in permanent marker on the diaper butt, with the hopes that when we're changing the little girl at 3:00 in the morning, we get a little chuckle out of the butt quips. I was supposed to keep the messages a surprise, but when I got home I read them all (sorry)! They're hilarious.

Now, if there's one thing these girls know how to do, it's CUPCAKES! Here are the adorable cupcakes in front of some impressive fruit skewers. The table was full of delights!

Oh! I almost forgot another fun game - Diaper Derby! Here's the first heat of players trying to change diapers blindfolded:

Aaaand, Emily was the winner. She was really fast.

I received some wonderful presents, including lots of adorable clothes (just wait until you see the pics of my kid in an NKOTB onesie!), some baby room and crib supplies, our carrier, some books and toys, our changing pad, a print for the baby room wall...all kinds of darling little supplies that will make me think of my friends every time we use them!
It was truly a wonderful shower. My friends are the most amazingly thoughtful and the most outrageously fun people you will ever find. Anywhere. Period. I hope our little girl grows up to be just like them! She'd be the coolest person I know.

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