Friday, March 26, 2010

Four Centimeters!

We went in for our 38 week appointment yesterday. The midwife asked how I was feeling and I said cheerfully, "I feel great! I feel like I could go for another month!" She said, "Well, you could go another month, you never know!" I told her that I really didn't think I'd be dilated at all because I haven't felt any contractions and I've been feeling really great lately - busy at work, but busy in a good way.

She started the examination and began laughing in the middle of it. "You are too funny," she said. "That baby's head is RIGHT THERE," (meaning very low). I got a little excited. She finished the exam and said, "You're four centimeters!"


I snapped my head around and looked at Sylvain. He said, "You're kidding!" We were both so shocked and excited. She assured us that I could stay at 4 cm for another two weeks, but knowing that we're already four centimeters and negative one station means that some of the work is already done! She also said I wouldn't need an exam next week, because once you're between 4 and 5 centimeters "You're in labor." Basically, I still don't know a thing about when this baby's coming, but I know that when I finally start to feel contractions and get serious about them, it'll be the real thing.

As I was scheduling my appointment for next week, the nurse (who I LOVE) came by the window and said to the receptionist, "She won't be here next week." I about DIED! I have to be there next week! I really want to make it to Spring Break. Of course, I won't be mad if she shows up tomorrow, especially since my mom gave birth to both me and my brother two weeks early. But it would be really nice to make it Spring Break. Really nice. Either way, it's not up to me. We'll welcome her with open arms no matter how early (or late) she decides to get here!

So I've been walking around all day today with a smile on my face feeling really proud of myself. I just wanted to say to every person I know, "I'm four centimeters! Isn't that great?!" But I know better than to gab about my cervix to other people. Now, gabbing about my cervix on my blog, that's one thing I couldn't WAIT to get home and do!


Joe said...

WAHOOOO!!! That is Great! I am so excited for you! I can't believe this, it could really be any time! I have been wondering a few things lately.
When is spring break and do you have a birth plan?

Kate (sorry I am signed into joes account)

Pocket said...

Spring Break is April 5 - 9, so if I can make it to the end of the day next Friday, the 2nd, I'll be happy. Yes, we have a birth plan, and I just made up a super cute Easter basket of goodies to give to the nurses and I plan to put the birth plan in there with it!

krissy said...

that is sooooo unfair. I always have to be in pain and tears sitting in triage while I wait to dialate to 3!! For some reason my body likes to go into full fledge labor without dialating first.
And, I would love to make you a camera strap. Do you like more brights or nutreals? I could go with back and white like a bunch of the ones on the web site were. Either way, just let me know.