Sunday, March 28, 2010

Guest Words for Baby

After I called Mom to tell her about me and my amazing 4 centimeters, she sat down and wrote the sweetest letter to the Baby Girl. I printed a copy and put it in the baby book, but I begged Mom to let me post it here with all of my letters so they can float around in cyberspace together! (Besides, she says an awful lot of nice things about ME!) I can't wait to see my Mom as a Grammy! Enjoy...

Well little girl, it sounds like you are about ready to make your grand entry into the world. Your mommy called me earlier and said she is 4 cm dilated, so that means you think it's about time to meet everyone. I just can't believe you will be here soon; I can't wait to lay my eyes on you! I have you pictured as a little redhead with chubby cheeks and green eyes. Which means you will probably have dark hair and brown eyes. Whatever it is, you will be the most beautiful baby your mom and dad have ever seen, and Grammy will brag that there is no other little girl in the world that can compare to you. You will look exactly the way God wants you to look, and you will be exactly the little person God intends for you to be. He has given you wonderful parents who are going to teach you all about life. They will laugh with you and cry with you and always be there for you. And sometimes, when you think they are really stupid and you know everything and they know nothing, you will think they hate you. But those though times are the times they love you the most, even though you won't know it at the time. But you can always come to Grammy and she will always make it all better because that's why God made Grammies!

I want nothing but good things for you, little missy, and my prayer is that you will be the sweet, smart, rambunctious little girl your mother was. And I pray you will be the beautiful young woman and mother she has become. And I pray that I will get to be here to watch it all. I can't wait to see you, hold you, rock you, sing to you, read to you, and gush all over you. See you soon!

March 25, 2010

On a side note, when I told Sylvain about the letter he said in jest, "You guys know this baby can't read, right? What's with your family and letters?" Silly boy just doesn't get it, does he?

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the mama said...

Ha! Does Sylvain have sisters? Men who were deprived of sisters often don't get it! giggle

I think this letter from Grammy says it all! Thanks for posting it!