Sunday, March 9, 2014

Loud and Proud!

Last weekend I was cleaning out the guest room to make way for the newest one, so to keep the girls busy I bought a few of the Frozen songs from iTunes.  Smart move.  Never has $4.00 brought us so many hours of entertainment.  Sylvia has seen the movie three times and we watch the videos of the big numbers on You Tube every once in while (okay, almost every night).  I don't like the girls having free reign of my computer when I'm busy doing other things (too many scary things out there in the interweb world), so I plugged in my phone and played our new songs in the kitchen.  By round three or four I realized that Sylvia had choreographed almost every song to be exactly the way it is in the movie and Margot was "singing" the last word of every line.  By "singing" I mean yelling.  That's what she does best.  I stopped in mid-clean-out and grabbed my camera.

Side note: it's really hard to dance like a ballerina with a head this huge and arms this small...

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