Monday, March 10, 2014

It's a BOY!!!

I didn't care one way or the other, I really didn't.  I just wanted to KNOW if it was a boy or a girl so we could get on with the business of growing a baby.  I didn't have a "feeling" and I didn't do any crazy tests to find out.  All of my pregnancies have been nearly the same and I thought Sylvia and Margot were both going to be a boy, so I stopped guessing with this one.  I have to say, though, when we found out it was a boy, I was SURPRISED!  I guess I would have been surprised regardless, but still....a BOY!!! 

The squirmiest little foot you ever did see!

Left hand with a placenta ghost!  Creeeeepy.....

Oh, the FACE!  His nose looks like Margot's.  I can't wait to kiss his cheeks!

Here he is flipping the bird, and after that little stunt he pulled at 12 weeks, I think it totally fits his personality.  Trouble.
Mom kept the girls while Sylvain and I went out to lunch, visited the midwife and ended our day with an ultrasound.  We stopped at Kroger to pick up balloons for the girls, and here's why that was a great idea: it's impossible for a child to be sad or disappointed when balloons are involved.  Sylvia has been saying recently that she wanted a brother, but she would also tell anyone who asked, "...but it's okay if it's a sister."  Needless to say, between the news and the balloons, the girls were excited!  Margot still has no clue what's going on, or what the difference is between a boy and a girl, so she was just happy to see balloons.  Everyone was happy.  Balloons!!!  Yay.

Yes, that's a Jasmine dress.  If it didn't stay at Grammy's I'd have burnt it by now.

Mom and Sylvia made this adorable baby cake while we were out today.  For anyone who's counting, Mom and Jay will have six grandkids in five years!  This boy has our family sitting at an even three boys and three girls.  Perfect!

So, now we're contemplating names and working on finding some middle ground.  We're down to two or three that we both like, but we have pretty strong opinions about our top name.  In fairness, I really did pick the girls' names, so I'm trying to keep an open mind and surrender my favorite boy name for Sylvain's favorite boy name, especially since I love them all. 

I'm also trying to wrap my mind around the task of raising a boy.  The idea of a baby boy, or a toddler boy, or even a fourth grade boy is understandable, but a teenage boy?!  A grown up MAN BOY?!  What do I do with that?!  At least he has a wonderful grown up Man Boy father as a role model.  Because I don't know the first thing about being a grown up, much less a man.  Yikes!!  I already want to keep him little forever and he's not even here yet!  I can't wait to watch these three kiddos grow together.  What a wild ride!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! I love the way you told the girls, so cute. I also cannot WAIT to hear his name. He is a cutie, I can tell already.

Courtney Perry said...

I am extremely excited and happy for you and your family!!! I can't wait to meet the little man once he's here.....congrats and I hope we can get together sometime soon!!!