Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Letter

Dear Sylvia and Baby 2,

We're home!  It's been a long journey, and a bumpy road at times, but here we are, no worse for the wear.  Our new house is gorgeous, or at least it will be once all of these boxes are unpacked and the furniture is moved around.  We had a lot of help moving in on Saturday, and by Sunday morning we were all eating breakfast together at the  kitchen table. 

Sylvia, you really seem to love this place.  You spent all day on Saturday with your Grammy, baking cookies and shopping.  I came to pick you up Saturday evening and brought you to the new house once all of your furniture was put together and ready for you.  When you stepped into your new room, you shouted, "Woah!!!" and you spun around and around in the middle of your floor.  On Sunday, we unpacked all of your books and put them on the shelves.  You found a copy of "The Little Engine That Could" and we have now read it 456 times total.  I forgot you had a train book!  What luck!

Baby 2, you've had your fair share of excitement this weekend as well!  I tried my best not to pick up anything heavy, or stand on anything too high, and I think I did a good job.  But by Saturday night I could tell that we were worn out!  Luckily, Daddy had our bed put together in no time and you and I have had two of the best nights' sleep we've ever, ever had.  I know it seems pretty early (you're eleven weeks old today!) but I'm pretty sure I can already feel you having your own party in your womb world.  I bet it's pretty nice in there, and I'm trying to keep it as calm and quiet as possible for you.  I think you'll really like it out here, too.  By June, your room will be ready and we'll have all kinds of wonderful things waiting for you - mainly lots of arms for snuggling.

I want you both to know that Daddy has been working very hard to make this house a home for us.  The three of us are so lucky to have someone like him to take care of us!  I couldn't be happier to land in such a wonderful place and to have the chance to live with both of you and Daddy for a long, long time.  Christmas came early for us this year!  No holiday can compare to waking up in our own beds and being together in our own house. 

Love you!


Laura said...

So glad you're safe and and sound in your new home. Can't wait to catch up soon. Have you read your mom's most recent blog? It's a tear-jerker!

Meredith said...

I'd love to see some pictures of your new house!!!