Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Christmas Ever

This year's Christmas was nothing less that absolutely spectacular.  I don't know if it's because we have a 20 month old cutie pie who made me laugh every other second, or the fact that our total travel time was minuscule compared to years past.  Probably a little bit of both.  Here's the recap.

We met Mom and Jay at church before heading to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.  When we got to Grandma's, the food started flying and the gifts started piling up in the living room!  Sylvia was old enough this year to feel the excitement and follow the other kids around while they all tried to find their presents and figure out what was in them.

She opened all kinds of great things (a new book!)...

A new singamajig! 

 But the hit of the night was her newwwwww cameraaaaa!!!! 
Cheese!  (Click) repeat four hundred times.

We put her to bed in a pack and play at Grandma's house so we didn't have to cut our own present time short (the exchanges were a hoot!).  We headed home and put her in bed by 10:00, which was really nice. 

Santa left some pretty cool presents!

 He's clever when it comes to wrapping ;)

We've never really done this before, so we just let her pick the presents she wanted to open, and it turns out she opened all the books first, so it was looking like a really nerdy Christmas for a while...

Until she got to the bigger stuff!

She's been playing with her cymbals a LOT since she got them, we do a lot of banging and singing these days.

It was really nice to have our own Christmas morning, just the three of us.

Santa also brought these, and it was a huge mistake.  They started on the refrigerator and ended up all over the floor, which Sylvia thought was WAY more fun than the fridge.  So I just put the letters of her name of the fridge and put the rest in a drawer.  Silly Santa!

After Christmas morning at our very own house, we headed to my Dad's to open presents with that side of the family.  My brother, Jordan, gave Sylvia this most horrifying and terrible gift that she absolutely adores...
 It lights up, spins, and plays the loudest techno club music I've ever heard.  It's terrible, really terrible.  And she loves it.  I'm going to kill him.

Next we went to Mom's house, where she opened MORE presents.  The Jessie doll was a hit!

We ended the night buried in boxes and paper, exhausted from all the gifts and food and smiling and playing.

Sylvia didn't sleep very well Sunday night, I'm guessing from all the excitement, so I'm very glad we have a whole week to recover.  We tried to do a little potty training yesterday and today, but that's another story for another post - to sum it up: informative but not successful :)

All of this family time has been so enjoyable.  I have a feeling it's only going to get better, too :)

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