Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reasons I Love Staying Home:

 Looking at every ornament every morning - this takes up a good 20 minutes before breakfast.

 After naptime Sylvia has a free for all in her playroom (next to our kitchen/dining room).  I just sit on the floor and laugh while she acts like a complete nut!

 This morning I actually had time to take a picture of her in her winter outfit from Papi and Mamie Fasciotto in France.  I'm a few outfits behind, though, because we just got a package with some newer outfits yesterday!  They're a little big, though, so those pics will have to wait.

During the day we get to do whatever the heck we want.  Sylvia wanted to dress up like Snow White -no problem.  Mama wanted to make hummus with spinach - let's do it!  Yes, my child is sitting on the stove, but don't act surprised when I tell you that I haven't even turned it on yet.  Sylvain's the big cook, I'm more of a microwave/toaster/food processor kind of girl.  The way I see it, our stove is just extra counter space!

Sylvia and I are having so much fun spending every minute together, deciding what to do next.  We've busted out the play dough, cleaned out all of her toys (to make room for new ones that Santa will be bringing), and I think she MAY have finally learned that crayons are for coloring, not eating.  Today was Sylvain's first day off, and he cleaned out the WHOLE garage!  Now we can both park in there and it's heavenly!  Hooray for Winter Break!

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