Sunday, November 27, 2011


We had a pretty big announcement for the extended family this Thanksgiving - I'm nine weeks pregnant!  I'm due in late June and I feel great (other than a little nausea and some major fatigue).  Sylvia has become obsessed with babies of all kinds lately.  She'll point to my tummy when asked "Where's the new baby?"  She takes care of her own baby doll like her life depended on it, and she finally warmed up to her new baby cousin, Claire, who was only three weeks old at our Thanksgiving get together!  So all systems are go for Fasciotto Baby 2!

Also, we're closing on our house this week!  I'll be sleeping in my own bed in no time. 

All that's left is to find a doctor and a hospital.  Oh, and get ready for Christmas while moving into the new house.  No biggie.  Should be a fun month!

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Inspired by His Love said...

That is so exciting congrats!!! I look forward to watching your family grow.