Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Little Sooner Than Planned

Okay, so we haven't officially started Potty Training (with a capital PT), but Sylvia's been doing some major research in the bathroom arena for the last six months or so.  She follows me into the bathroom every day and she knows exactly how everything's supposed to happen.  Our own training potty is sitting in a box in my Grandma's basement, so I wasn't planning to introduce it until after we moved, and most likely not until after Christmas.  (I've read that you shouldn't start during times of major transition, so I thought we'd wait until after the moving/holiday dust had settled). 

Mom came home with a froggy training potty a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like this potty training business is about to start itself!  Sylvia's been sitting on it, fully clothed, whenever I go into the bathroom and she makes a "pssss!" noise with her mouth and laughs and laughs!  Sometimes, when she's running around in a diaper, she stops, points to her nether region, and shouts "PEE PEEEEEE!!!" or "POO POOOO!!!!" after the deed has been done.  I always ask her if she wants to sit on the potty and she always says no, but this morning, she said "YEAH!" and decided to give it a try FOR REAL!

So in we went, she lost the jammies, stripped off the diaper and sat on that potty for a good twenty minutes, while I sat on the floor next to her clapping and snapping pictures and getting all excited.  We weren't lucky enough to have any action in the potty, but this is progress!  I'm still not going to push it until after the holidays, but maybe at this point she'll just potty train herself?  Wishful thinking, I know.

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Meredith said...

Okay, Rachael! The title of this post made me think you were announcing something big!

I also cannot believe how CUTE that little girl is! With her toilet paper in her hand all ready to go. So CUTE!!!