Monday, January 31, 2011

We're All Worth About as Much as a Piece of Paper

I have a new student teacher, Mrs. Cutler, who is  Seriously, she's awesome.  She had to go it alone for two days a couple weeks ago when I was home with sick Sylvia, which is usually what happens to a student teacher right before they drop out of the program and run heading for the hills.  But not this one!  She had that classroom humming along nicely while I was gone - a true sign of a natural!  Today we had a conversation about how great she is:

K:  When does Mrs. Cutler get to teach by herself again?
Me: Soon!  She has a solo day this week, two next week, then five days in a row the week after that, then....well, then she's done.
K:  Done?  What do you mean done?
Me:  Well, it means she's moving on to her next placement and we won't have her anymore.  BUT I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW!  So let's not talk about it.
E: Will we get another student teacher?
Me: No.
Rowdiness ensues with lots of "whats?!" and "why nots?!" and my favorite, "You mean it'll just be YOU?"  
Me:  Yes, it'll just be me.  What will I ever do without Mrs. Cutler here?

I: (the smug little boy who sits in the back of the class)  Hey!   Why don't we just cut a student teacher out of PAPER?!

I look at Mrs. Cutler, smack my palm on my forehead and shake it back and forth.  Meanwhile the rest of the kids start shouting, "Yeah!!!  A Paper Teacher!!!"

I used to feel like I was talking to a brick wall, but I guess I was wrong!  Apparently these kids see us as 2 dimensional, flat objects that stand around the room and watch them work.  Which, I suppose, is exactly how it should be.  I'd like them to think they're doing all the work, and I just stand around and watch.  Maybe I'll make a paper cutout of myself and my student teacher, then she and I can just curl up behind our desks and take a nap!  That'll be the day!

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