Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun (and FREE!)

This morning, Sylvain was disappointed to learn that the exhibit he wanted to see at the Speed Museum didn't start until February.  I remembered seeing a billboard for a toy exhibit at the history museum, so he looked it up.  Lo and behold - the history museum is FREEEE!!!  (for teachers)

So we packed up the Nugget and headed downtown.  The last time we took her to a museum was in Atlanta.  She was three months old and she loooooved the lights.  The time before that was the day I went into labor.  She loved that trip so much she wanted to come out.  :)

She had a quick snack before we left....

(I don't know if it's because she's been sick or what, but she won't eat anything except her bottles and cheerios lately.  What's up with that?  Should I be concerned?  I suppose that's another post.)

Anyway, we entered the toy exhibit, not knowing what to expect.  Sylvain found some old-timey soldiers, which reminded him of his toy box as a little boy, so he was really hoping to find some old-timey Lego's, but we had no luck with that quest.  He was a little sad about that. 

There were lots of dinosaur action figures, plenty of GI Joe's, and almost ALL of the Star Wars action figures - the originals, not the ones you can go buy at Wal-Mart today.  The GOOD ones.  And I was glad to see a pack of little boys gathered around the Star Wars case shouting, "Coool!  Luke Skywalker!" and "There's Jabba the Hut!" and "Hey!  It's Boba Fett!" And I thought, awww, what sweet little Star Wars nerds. I probably would have dated your dad in high school.  Sigh.

After all of those action figures, things started to get really exciting, and a little bit weird.  Remember, we're in a HISTORY museum.  Where they display trinkets of yore.  Relics of ancient times that need to be remembered for prosperity's sake.  Old, old, long lost things.  Things so OLD they come from..........the 80's!  Gasp!  Could you imagine?
We took a picture of this for Uncle Jordan.  I believe he got this for Christmas circa 1987.  

It's Castle Greyskull!  From He-Man!  However, She-Ra was no where to be found!  I was very disappointed in the exclusion of She-Ra's Crystal Palace.  The nerve.  I thought about writing a letter, but decided to just mention it in a blog post and move on with my life.  

I harumphed away, sulking, until I found.....

Wait for it.......


It's ELEROO!!!
And look how beautiful and tidy he is!  His orange hair is so fluffy and clean!  His Wuzzle pouch isn't frayed and falling off!  His Wuzzle tail hasn't been chewed all to pieces (you can't see his tail in the picture, but trust me, I checked)!  He looks so snuggable and friendly!  OH, how I LOVE HIM!!!!

Alas.  My Eleroo is sitting on my bed at this very moment.  He's worn and weathered.  Chewed and frayed.  Old, but not forgotten.  

Look at the dirt, I mean LOVE, on that poor thing!  The Eleroo in the museum just didn't get loved like mine did.  So which one is better?  I'll take the old, ratty one any day.  But it sure was nice to see a new one!  Hello, dear friend!

Sylvia had a BALL looking at all the toys.  She would kick her feet and giggle and scream every time we walked up to a new display.  Eleroo was in the same case with lots of Teddy Bears, and I think that was her favorite part.  She kept reaching for the glass and trying to put her mouth on it - I think she was upset that she couldn't reach in there and snuggle with all those fluffy teddies!  She's been very into snuggling lately.  She's probably dreaming right now about a giant room filled with cuddly stuffed animals that she can endlessly snuggle.  Sweet baby. 

In the last room, they had a bunch of toys out for folks to play with, so Sylvain and I had a rousing game of Connect Four while Sylvia played with a Rubik's Cube.  To our amazement, she did NOT solve it!  I know, can you believe it?  And here we thought she was soo-ooo smart.  Psh.  Stupid baby, can't even solve a Rubik's Cube!  Guess we better take her back!

 Okay, fine, we'll keep her.  She's lucky she's cute.  Just look at that face!  And those two adorable teeth.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Unless you count....


It was a great trip.  It made me think pretty carefully about Sylvia's toys.  I wonder what'll be in that museum when she's thirty years old (not that I'm thirty...yet).  Doesn't that give you something fun to ponder?


Tate said...

Oh good old Eleroo! I have one memory of your's. I have this mental picture of you outside by my parents big pine tree holding Eleroo. It comes to mind every time I am reminded of those Wuzzles :o) I think it must have been when I realized that you were so attached to it... that you would bring it with you and take it everywhere you went. I had an Eleroo just like yours but I wasn't as cool as you were :o)

Erin Lynne said...

I am upset about She Ra not being there too! I got her castle ("Princess Palace" if I'm not mistaken) for Christmas one year. Several years ago, I mentioned to my parents that that was my best Christmas ever. My dad quickly grumbled "That was my WORST Christmas! I was up until 3 am putting that stupid castle together!" ;)

krissy said...

I KNEW it was going to be Eleroo!!! That's great.

Grammy said...

And, this is "replacement" Eleroo! Remember, when we moved from Goetz Drive, we lost the "original"; you were like 11 yrs. old, but still had a fit. I thought no problem, I'll go buy another one. Wrong. Not made anymore in 1993. But lo and behold, a few months later, there was a "like new condition" Eleroo at a garage sale. Thus, the current Eleroo is Eleroo II.