Saturday, January 29, 2011

Party Animals

Tonight we took Sylvia to a party.  We debated going for the longest time because it didn't start until 6:00 and we didn't want to find a babysitter and we thought we wouldn't know anyone there and....blah blah blah.  Then at the last minute we decided, HECK WITH IT!  Let's go!  The Elliott's invited us and we always have a good time with them.  I work with Mr. Elliott and have become fast friends with Mrs. Elliott in the last couple of years, and we always, always, ALWAYS love seeing the wee Elliott's - Adeline and Arthur.  They have a party every year to honor Robert Burns, a Scottish poet, but it's really just an excuse to eat haggis and drink scotch, neither of which, I admit, appeal to me; but I do love a good funny poem and getting out of the house, so we loaded up the Nugget and off we went.

WELL, it was a dandy time.  Sylvain brought a bottle of Scotch with his own custom had something to do with a French/Scottish Alliance from days of yore?  And something about a Roman wall??  I really don't know; all I know is that he commissioned me to decorate the bottle with "Gaelic Art," which I did with a sharpie marker in the car on the way there.  I really wish I took a picture, because apparently the bottle was a hit!

When I was thinking about how to dress the family for a Scottish affair, the closest thing I could find were....sweaters.  I know, totally lame, right?  We might need to invest in a kilt for Daddy next year.  Anyway, I put Sylvia in her adorable handmade sweater and cap from Mamie, which is really too small for her, but I can't part with it yet, so I force her to wear it every now and then.  And since it was so sunny and warm out today, I didn't feel like wrestling her into her giant winter coat, so I was able to bust out this gem I found on clearance at Old Navy:

She looks like a ghetto fabulous rap star, but I thought it was DARN cute!  Baby girl's gonna drop some BEATS!

As soon as we got there, Addy shouted, "There's Sylvia!" and proceeded to touch and coddle and snuggle with the Nugget for as long as she could.  Sylvia was totally spoiled by that sweet three year old!  Addy is her new BFF:

Part of the festivities included a poetry contest, and Addy wrote (and read out loud in front of ALL the guests!) a remarkable poem, scribed by her uncle.  Something about a cat, who shouted, and ran away, and then "got burned up."  It was incredibly dramatic and sophisticated for a three year old, if you ask me.  I won't complain if my daughter's BFF is a literary GENIUS!

We only planned to stay for a couple hours, but found ourselves leaving at 9:30, with a sleepy baby.  I'm glad we brought her pajamas and her dou dou bunny, because she fell asleep in the car and we just dumped her in bed as soon as we got home.  At one point during the party, I was getting a little worried about the time, and Sylvain reminded me that we both grew up falling asleep on a pile of coats when our parents took us out to their friends' houses.  Parents do it all the time.  No one will take us to jail for it.  Sylvia and I both loved meeting lots of new people and hanging out with old friends.  Isn't that what weekends are for?  I almost forgot!

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Grammy said...

She looks so cute!! And yes, parents can throw babies on coats or anywhere soft at parties, it's totally allowable. (In fact, I remember a night of bowling when Peggy threw newborn Kevin on a coat behind the bench; when he stirred and cried the teenage girls in the lane next to us freaked out -- there's a baby back there!)