Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks, Interweb!

I got to stay home with the Nugget today, and even though she was a little more cranky than usual, she is back to her old no-napping, on-the-go, screw-this-temperature-AND-this-virus, self.  She clearly has a very mild case of this RSV nonsense.  We're still doing the once-a-day breathing treatments, but we've cut out the every-four-hours treatments because she's really not even coughing much anymore.  Yesterday was *hopefully* her worst day, but we'll see.  The doctor says to keep her home for the rest of the week, so I'm really hoping for a couple of snow days so I don't have to use my sick days.

But ANYWAY....I just wanted to say thank you to all the folks who left messages here or sent me an email or left a post on Facebook about this RSV business.  If it weren't for the internet, I'd have been on the phone all day to relatives and friends, explaining Sylvia's story over and over again, begging for help and advice!  But alas, all I had to do was log on once after lunch and once after dinner to get ALL the help and advice I could ever ask for.  And I loved it!

There was a segment on the news tonight about a "dangerous virus spreading across our fair city, who's most susceptible victims are the smallest ones..." And I knew as soon as I heard the teaser that they must be talking about RSV.  Sure enough, at 5:28 the story came on and showed an infant in the hospital, with an oxygen mask and an IV and they were talking all about RSV and how contagious it is.  I'm really glad we caught it when we did and I'm really glad we've been able to keep her home.  I just hope there aren't many other kids at her day care who have it because it spreads through those places like wildfire!  Poor babies.

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