Monday, June 14, 2010

Her First Love

Well, I knew it wouldn't take long for any daughter of mine to fall in love.  Sylvia has a mad crush on Mr. Quack.  Her face lights up the minute she sees him and oh buddy, when you pull on his string and make his tummy vibrate...well, it's a total party.  We keep him strapped to her play mat or to her carrier when we're on the road.  This morning I was hustling around the house grabbing burp cloths and pacifiers and shoving them into the diaper bag, when I turned around to catch the two of them practically making out.  Lucky for me, I had my trusty camera at the ready!  Just call me Mama Paparazzi!

You can tell she's waving her arms, but also - that blanket is totally airborne from the kicking!  Just scandalous, outrageous shrieks of joy coming out of this child.

And look at the love in her eyes!  Mr. Quack, if you ever hurt her I'll yank that pull string right out of  know. 

I guess we should go buy some more of these because no other toy in this house is nearly as beloved.  Every time she lays eyes on him it's love at first sight - and it probably is love at first sight again and again because I don't think she's old enough to remember him from one day to the next.  I don't know what she sees in him, but whatever she's looking for in a toy - he's got it!


Erin Lynne said...

Too cute! And yes, you need to buy several of them. Between my friends I have seen one too many meltdowns because Night Night Baby, Lamby, or Chilly was left at WalMart or fell out of the diaper bag!

krissy said...

her face is so cute! you're right. she looks in love.