Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr. Abrams

Okay, every parent I've talked to in the last year says they loooove their pediatrician, so I know that all pediatricians are good.  I assume that, as a mother, anyone in a lab coat who tells me my baby is healthy and happy would be great in my book.  We loved the pediatrician at the hospital (Dr. French! How weird is that?) and we loved the doctor who gave us a tour of the office when we were looking around at different groups.  Given all of this evidence, I should just say that I love pediatricians in general but...BUT...


Yes, I'm sure your pediatrician is nice and I'm sure you love him or her, but you don't love your doctor as much as I love our doctor - I promise!  Dr. Abrams is the sweetest, nicest, most reasonable person I've ever met, and for a neurotic worry-wart mother like me, she is a gift from heaven!  We took Sylvia for her two month appointment today and I had a gigantic list of questions to ask her that I've been saving up for the last eight weeks.  Side note - my list was hanging on the fridge this whole time and yesterday I passed by and did a double take at when I realized that Sylvain added question number 8, "What can you tell us about the ten million dollar buy-out option?"  Oh, I laughed and laughed.  He's good for that.

Anyway, my first few questions were answered right away - yes, she weighs enough.  Yes, she's long enough.  Yes, her head is big enough and her soft spots are totally normal.  All of her stats put her in the "average" category for size and I was very happy with that.  Yes, we can take her in a pool or a lake.  Yes, we can put baby sunscreen or baby bug spray on her.  No, it's not weird for a breastfed baby to go three days without pooping.  But any doctor could have told me all of that.  What I love about Dr. Abrams is her sincerity. 

I love the way she said "How did it go with the spitting up?" as soon as she walked in the door, just to follow up on that situation I called in about six weeks ago.  I love the way she held Sylvia still and said, "Let's look at those pretty blue eyes," while she waved her little light stick in her face.  I love the way she asked me, "How's the breastfeeding going?" and the way she said, "Oh good!" when I told her it was going well.  And when I told her how Sylvia is sleeping at night (anywhere from 3 - 6 hour stretches over about 12 hours) she said very matter-of-factly, "And that'll get even longer as she grows.  You'll get more sleep."  Oh, hallelujah, the words "more sleep" made me want to reach over and kiss her!  She rolled Sylvia onto her tummy and watched her hold her head up, then she screamed "Yea!!!" and clapped her hands for MY daughter!  How many babies does she see every day?  And she gets this excited about MINE?!  What a wonderful doctor.

What I'm trying to say is - our doctor rocks and yours is just so-so.  No doctor is as great as Dr. Abrams.

Now on a more somber note - that crazy lady who comes in after the doctor and pokes my kid with three huge needles?  She's not my favorite person.  She was very nice and sweet, until she pulled out a sword and held it up to the light so we could all watch it gleaming.  She grabbed Sylvia's legs in a death grip and stabbed her with that giant sword, then two more giant swords, and left my daughter screaming for her life.  I thought I've heard this kid cry, but it turns out all that fussing she did at my house was NOTHING compared to getting stabbed.  She was M-A-D mad, and if she could cuss that lady out, I bet she would have.  I picked her up and she grabbed onto me for dear life, the poor little thing.  I fought back my own tears while I bounced her up and down and said, "It's's okay...." over and over again.  Needless to say, she's been a bit groggy today and will hopefully be back to her bright and chipper self tomorrow.  And if she's not, I'm calling Dr. Abrams - the lady who makes everyone feel better (especially me)!

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Tate said...

I also love my pedi however this time I was super in love with the nurse! I wanted to bring her home with me. She was like having my mom there taking care of Mia. She told her she was beautiful no less than a million times, also sincerely asked me how nursing was going and then when she had to give her a shot she was relieved to find out that Mia needed to nurse and quickly handed her to me and said "hurry and nurse her so she is comforted and stay for as long as you need"! I wonder if you can request which nurse you see for your visit along with the Doc when you make an appointment?