Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Busy Summer Day!

That's right, folks.  You're looking at the one and only Jordan Humbert, hard at work!  Sylvia and I went to visit him at his *new* office downtown today.  For those of you that know him (and those of you that don't), he is now part owner of Two Cap Studios, a stellar graphic design and software company!  We are soooo proud of him, and we're really stoked that his office is right around the corner from downtown's most happening street, great for weekday lunches and summertime visits from his favorite neice!  Jordan now designs websites and applications for businesses in our area, or any area, for that matter, so if you or anyone you know are in need of a fresh, hip and user-friendly website, he's your go-to guy.  I have to say, I think he's a creative genius, and that's my professional (not biased big sister) opinion!  

I love his office.  When he showed me the sketch for this bookshelf, I was skeptical, but once he created and installed it, I was convinced of his brilliance.  Isn't it totally cool?  I think we need one for our house, but he's a little busy running a new business and I'm not chopping down any trees myself!

So, after sleeping through her visit with Uncle Jordan, Sylvia came home and decided it was time for an afternoon dip...

Maybe you can't tell from this picture, but she's totally smiling!  We found this adorable hippo baby pool for super cheap, and since she had so much fun on Memorial Day at Aunt Dar's house, we decided she needed her own pool for the backyard.  We both slapped on our bathing suits, slathered ourselves in sunscreen, and hit the water for a lovely ten minutes.

Then we laid out (in the shade) and chatted for a while to dry off...

 This girl loves to be outside and she looooves to be in water.  Bath time at our house is all giggles and kicks.  I think we'll get lots of use out of that little pool, even if I do have to hold her in it all summer because she can't sit up yet.  And I know she'll have a blast at Norris Lake this year and at the annual Humbert camp out this fall.  I can't wait!

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